One may find it cumbersome and tedious to look for a bike in the women’s section. In fact, many adepts at some point feel quite confused and frustrated when it comes to selecting a woman’s bike, especially with the unsupportive and disinterested shop staff that might spoil your bike-shopping experience. Even if it is your little one on the lookout for her first bike rather than you, it is a Herculean task to get just the right one for her.

But youneed not worry. We have taken the liberty to guide you through this tiresome bike-shopping enigma. Please note that it does not have to be a difficult decision. It should be an interesting experience as you are purchasing something that could change your life. So it is not something that one should take lightly, or you would only be missing out on the enjoyment of cycling, making you less likely to ride willingly.

Here, we have attempted to guide you through the options available in women’s bikes for a comfortable ride, higher till the Antrim Glens in Ireland, before you descend to Water foot and along the beautiful coast road towards Larne that passes through several villages. But don’t make a purchase decision unless you have skimmed through our website bikesorbicycles for a thorough look at the options available in a wide-ranging variety to get the best value for money. The selection is available at the website attempts to cover the price range up to 465 Euros, including hybrid bikes, traditional shopper bikes, traditional city bikes, trek champs, and highlanders.

As it provides a wide price range, one finds an enormous variety in terms of specifications, frame technology, functionality and aesthetics. The Highlander Ice Blue Single Speed 26″ has been the most popular bike for lovelies of Dublin, Ireland with its classic and elegant style that suits the young and the old alike. On the contrary, Indigo Verso 3 Hybrid bike 24-speed ladies 15″ frame bike has most definitely become a rage for the recreational cyclists. Therefore, there is a-little-something for all types of riders, ranging from serious race warriors right through to endurance junkies; all of them accounting for unique and customized female geometry for a smooth and swimming ride for women riders.

Be it a traditional shopper bike or a contemporary hybrid, women’s bike necessitate lighter frames and components with more of carbon fibber seat posts and bars. Some bikes even go on to offer enhanced compliance and shock absorption. For hard-core riders, brakes and controls are placed at the thumb’s reach to prevent one from wobbling or falling while shifting. Make sure that the frame is made of lightweight aluminium. For those who want to go for a basic beauty, we recommend a smooth-riding model for everyday shopping trips. For family trips, choose a bike with a comfy seat and handlebars that will keep you from developing a hunched back.