Taking the regular walk past my favourite restaurant I caught sight of two amphibious predators I’ve either haven’t had for a long time, or never even had the pleasure of tasting.

Halibut and salmon, the former of which I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting yet, are two outstanding specimens of fish and especially salmon is recognized worldwide as a great treat. While, from what I’ve heard, the texture and taste of halibut is supposed to be closer to cod than any other fish, I would like to try it out myself, preferably in a fresh state.

So, why not go out and catch these fish myself and enjoy the richness of its flavour to the fullest? Why indeed. I went out and searched for a place where I could fish and digest both of them and ended up looking at Vancouver Island Fishing Charters. Aside from their excellent offering of fishing opportunities, as it should be on Vancouver Island, they also had BC fishing lodges so as to let me enjoy it for more than just a day. The fishing is supposed to be outstanding and the accommodation isn’t a joke either. The mere thought of being able to catch a 150lbs monster fish and reel it in all the way down to my stomach is enough to make me giggle like a kid on a Saturday evening.

Beautiful Fishing Charters

While staying for just a day or two sounds fantastic, especially for that kind of fish, simply being a part of the welcoming and social atmosphere of BC fishing lodges seems like reason enough to visit. I’ve always loved social gatherings and conversational hotspots where the subjects you truly care about are the only things on anyone’s mind. Imagine having reeled in a 130lbs halibut, put it up before everyone else and just share the fishing stories amongst each-other before enjoying the fish prepared and cooked. If that’s not enough to water your mouth, then I don’t know what is.

The visitors not only get a hands-on experience with some of the best fishing has to offer, they also get guides that know these waters like the back of their own hand. Set out, get guided, enjoy the scenery, get a fish, get home, enjoy the fireplace, gulp down the fish, take a bath in the featured hot tub while enjoying the scenery and then go to bed. A day like that doesn’t sound too bad if you ask me, and while I really do appreciate the ability to fish until I’m content, the relaxation on offer is top-notch.

As it’s located on the west-coast of Vancouver, past Strait of Juan de Fuca, there’s not only the island itself you get to visit, but a portal between civilization and wildlife. Should I ever feel the need to get away from the fishing (for some incomprehensible reason) then the whole island is my salad plate. Vancouver Island offers some fantastic landscapes and as I’m also an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I may as well seize the opportunity to get a few shots of Mother Nature.