Dubai is fast emerging as one of the most preferred tourist destinations. The monuments that hold much historical significance, the huge shopping malls, skyscrapers and the beauty of the desert beckon tourists from all across the world.

Dhow Dinner Cruises

Dhow cruise is a good way to see the famous spots of Dubai. The cruise allows you to cruise through the waters and experience the traditional Arabic culture. There are various types of Dhow cruises tourists can choose from:

  • The regular dhows are traditionally decorated wooden boats that sail along Dubai creek and offer entertainment options and sumptuous cuisines.
  • The Rustar Dhow is the biggest floating restaurant in the world which consists of teak decorations of various kinds and offers numerous entertainment and food options.
  • The elegant Bateaux Dubai is made of anti reflective glass and offers a sumptuous 4 course dinner to visitors.

Dhow Cruise Cuisines

The famous Dhow Cruises not only provide an opportunity to witness and understand the unique Arab culture, but are also famous for the array of international cuisines they offer. While on a Dhow cruise tourists can enjoy cuisines from all across the world.

These dishes may vary in taste and flavours and can satisfy the taste buds of all kinds of travellers. Due to the range of cuisines offered, Dhow cruises also form a preferred choice for Dubai weddings. Many people host lavish weddings in Dubai in order to treat their guests to the delectable cuisines.

Dhow cruises typically offer two types of cuisines. The first type consists of the cold buffet which consists of a variety of dishes that taste best when served cold. These include Lebanese, Middle Eastern and German dishes like Orient salad, Tabouleh, Moutabal, Hummus, Cucumber Kim chi. German wurst salad and many more. These dishes are famous for their authentic taste which is mildly spicy.

The other type of cuisine offered at the Dhow cruise is the hot buffet. The items in this buffet consist of dishes that are served hot. Most of the dishes that are served are deliciously spicy.

Few of them include seasonal vegetables stir fried noodles, Iranian rice, roasted chicken of various varieties, Kubideh kebabs and many more. Most of these dishes belong to the Middle East and have a distinct flavour. Post the main course guests are also treated to a range of desserts from all across the world.

The relaxing experience of Dhow Cruises

The Dhow Cruise is also seen as a good way to relax. The cold see breeze helps in relaxing the senses and body. The serene blue water of the creek helps in rejuvenating the mind. The welcome drink, the meal amidst the tranquil waters of the creek, the soothing Arabic songs and melodies can help in providing relaxation.

The welcome drink and the fresh Arabic dates also help to energize the body and mind. All these factors make the Dhow cruise a unique experience.

Dhow cruise is famous for the delectable cuisines offered. It offers a good option for tourists willing to taste the different famous cuisines from across the world.