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Nowadays, homeowners are constantly making improvements to their home and before you move into your home it is important that it is surveyed by a property care specialist.

In simple terms, a property survey is a detailed inspection of a property’s condition. A qualified surveyor will come to your home to inspect the property. Once the survey is complete they will provide you with a report which will display any structural problems which may have been highlighted.

If your home does need treatment, it is advised that you contact a property care specialist who can treat the problem in the most efficient way.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a wood-destroying fungus that can damage the structure of a property. Dry rot is not only common in the UK but it can be found in countries across the world. Dry rot is known for its harsh effects on wooden surfaces as it has the ability to destroy timbers used in buildings.

If you are concerned about the spread of dry rot in your property, then there are some signs which may be recognisable for you.

  • Keep an eye on any changes that occur in wooden structures within your home. Signs of infestation could be that there is a change in the colour of the wood. Other noticeable signs are that wood can shrink, darken and crack.
  • It is common for a gray, mushroom coloured skin may develop on top of the wood.
  • Mycelium may also develop on infected wood. This looks like fluffy cotton-wool.
  • Rust red coloured spores can grow on areas of dry rot.
  • The infected wood may smell musty.

Property Care: What You Need To Know

Damp Proofing

Damp is one of the most common property problems. Commercial and domestic properties across the UK are likely to suffer from damp at some stage. This is why it is important that your property is damp proofed. Leaving a property with a growth of damp could damage its structure.

If you are unsure what causes structural dampness, it is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building. Damp specialists Glasgow say that “Dampness is caused by either the result of penetration from outside or damp created within the property.” There are a number of terms which cover damp:

  • Rising Damp
  • Penetrating Damp
  • Condensation
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • External Flooding
  • Below Ground Damp


Woodworm is the most commonly recognised property problem. “Woodworm” is the blanket term for the larvae stage of wood boring beetles.

The most common time for a woodworm problem to occur is from early springtime to mid-autumn. These pests are seasonal and are usually found in properties from April to October. The pests usually target properties that have exposed untreated timber in either the interior or exterior of it.

Property Care: What You Need To Know

Choose A Company With Guarantees

It is recommended that you choose a property care expert that offers a guarantee. The length of the guarantee should be detailed in the report which will be given to you after the survey. This keeps you and potential future owners a guarantee that if the problem reoccurs it will be covered for a number of years.