You are thinking about having a healthier lifestyle where exercise should be included in your daily schedule. Good for you! But then you are thinking about how busy your schedule is and how the exercise is going to affect your daily ability and performance. And then you start wondering whether there is effective way to keep yourself healthy and fit without actually having to cram another hour of exercise routine into your already hectic schedule.

Don’t worry; you can always find a great way to boost your energy, improve your mood and physical appearance, and increase your performance with simple (and yet effective) ways. Doing effective exercise doesn’t always mean to deal with strenuous or difficult routine. Even the simple set of motions can help a lot when you do it right.

How to Start the Day?

When you wake up and exercising seems like the last thing you want to do, you still need to make yourself get off the bed and start moving. Get down on the floor (yes, the bedroom floor) and move around. Even the simplest move can lubricate the joints, boost metabolism, and distribute blood flow properly. After all, exercise is good to increase your strength, improve sleeping quality, and increase your energy – which will affect your mood, your health, and your fitness level.

Push-up Walk-out

This exercise is designed to move and activate several muscle groups to improve heart rate. Stand with your feet apart and then slowly fold your body at the hips. Fold down until you can touch the floor. Once your hands touch the floor, slowly walk them forward until you find your spine in a neutral position. Then do a push-up. Walk back to the initial position and slowly roll up so you can get back to your standing position. For different alternatives, you can try Spiderman walk-out push-up or T-stabilization walk-out push-up.

Standard Squat

If you do it right (you distribute the weight evenly between the right and left side), squats can actually activate the brain. The right squat movement should distribute the weight evenly while keeping your back straight and your chest high. Don’t forget to focus on the glutes and the proper hips elongation when you are standing. For the alternatives, you can try squatting with a kick or sumo squat with leg lift.

Jumping Jacks

A lot of people underestimate this movement because it is easy and simple. Yes, it may be easy and simple but it is also highly effective. The light jumping movement will activate the sensors, muscles, and nerves on your feet. They are usually inactive. But with the light jump, not only those muscles are kept active, you can also increase your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. Try to do squat jacks, power jacks, and crisscross jacks for alternative movements.

Hip Bridge

It is one of the most favorable movements because it is easy and yet highly effective. Not to mention that you can get down on the floor. It is important to focus on the weight distribution, breathing, and foot placement. For instance, it is advisable that you keep the toes down so it can have a better engagement for the glutes and hamstrings, helping the hips to elongate. For alternatives, you can try Swiss ball hip extension or ballerina bridge with the heels not touching the floor.