When our loved ones dies their memories always stays with us. Their last destination is the graveyard. In that matter Alpha 1 Memorials feels very happy to provide headstones for the graves. They offer a wide range of memorials, gravestones, tombstones, grave plaques, and marker vaults, etc. In addition to this, they also provide the latest style of materials.They have a variety of stones in the market at the moment.

Headstones and Cemetery Memorials

Headstones and cemetery memorials are set under the head of dead bodies.It is the final place of the body. Setting headstone under the head is the tradition which has been following by people since the ancient times. Alpha 1 memorial design all the headstones and cemetery memorials to Australian level. In addition this, this company also has the facility to paste and permanent picture of loved one of the stones. Because of this opportunity the deceased person can be remembered by everyone. Furthermore, this company also has the facility to write the script on the stone.

Double Cemetery Memorials

If one wants to bury their loved one together, then this company also has the facility of full double monument cemetery memorials.This memorial is created to bury two person side by side and this is also connected externally. This also gives better protection and it is of Australian standard. In addition to this, this company also gives a large number of accessories such as the book of life, candle holders, lamps, solar lamps and religious icons. Furthermore, if one does not like the style or shape of the grave, then it can also be changed according to one’s wish.

Single Cemetery Memorials

Alpha 1 memorial also provides single full monument, cemetery memorials. It is the grave of single person with full protection. It is the final resting place of the persons loved one. This company erects full single monument in Queensland cemeteries which are made by Indian or Australian granite. People are attracted towards this company because of its number of benefits. Furthermore, Alpha 1 memorial also provides full triple monument cemetery memorial. In this three persons can be buried together. If someone wants to bury their family together, so it is possible because of Alpha 1 memorial. This is really a very good facility.