Living in apartment is quite complicated than living in an independent house. I live in an apartment and in my initial days when I rented out the apartment, it was difficult for me to adjust accordingly. But over time I’ve gained experience as well as learned a lot. Here I share few quirky tips and advices that can make your living better in apartments in midtown Manhattan:

Make it Like your Own Home

You may not be able to make changes in apartment as you do in your own home but you can make few change in decoration that can make you feel like your own home. Use decorative and aesthetically appealing photos and frames to keep walls look beautiful and get the ambience of home. Use carpets and rugs to cover the floor.

Deal and Build-up Good Relation with Neighbors

Whether you live in apartment or bungalow,neighbors are an important ingredient in life. They can be of any type lovely, noisy, irritating etc. As they are just separated by a wall they are your companion also who can help sometimes.

Avoid Erratic Rent Increase

If you get a great deal in beginning don’t get trapped in it. Read the terms of rent increment. Usually apartments offering low rent initially, start increasing the rent monthly or quarterly at a later stage. If you won’t be prepared for it you’ll be wasting money.

Save on Energy

Saving on electricity consumption by using energy efficient light bulbs etc. This can save money.

Use Space Efficiently

Apartments may be congested and you may encounter problem to adjust within a small space. Using storage racks, hooks can save up lots of space and make your apartment breathable.

Divide/Share things with Roommate

If you are sharing apartment with your friend or have a roommate, you get the opportunityto divide expenses, work and living space.

Good Relationship with Landlord

To avoid any future problems get everything in written and get it documented. Always pay your rent on time to avoid hassles and sour relations. 

Move on Cost Instead of Overall Rent

Better if you negotiate things like parking spaces, electricity and water bills, pet fee rather than overall rent as it might be tricky.

Make Temporary Changes

In apartments usually one cannot go for permanent changes and you can’t change preinstalled things. You may not be able to do entire change, however you can go for temporary up gradation which make things better to use and also look nicer.

Find Perfect Space

Last but not the least a better living can be ensured with finding out a good apartment.