Now the warmer weather seems to have arrived you’ll most likely be making good use of your hot tub or spa, and whilst there is nothing wrong with using your hot tub as it is, life is much more convenient and fun with a few well chosen accessories. In fact if there are some young people in your family they will certainly appreciate them.

One such item is a Floating Can Holder. Designed to keep a drinks can close at hand, these are a great fun addition to any hot tub or spa. As an alternative you could go for a Grip O Can/Bottle Holder. It will stick securely on to the edge of your hot tub via its suction feet and will hold a standard 500ml bottle or average drinks can. Why not purchase several of them so you’ll have one for each person using the hot tub or spa? If you tend to hold adult parties in your hot tub then why not consider a Grip O Cooler that will hold a bottle of wine/ fizz and four wine or champagne glasses for your guests. Remember to also buy a set of Acrylic Wine Goblets as they are much safer to use than the glass variety.

Younger people will certainly appreciate fun accessories such as an inflatable pillow in the USA flag design or perhaps a selection of toys such as a Squirtee Shark or a Zippy Bather to wind up and swim around the spa. They may also like a Beach Ball for some water game fun.

When holding a hot tub party it’s a good idea to have somewhere to store your food and drink close to the spa. A great item would be the Spa Bar which has multiple sections for holding a  variety of food and drink items and cuts out the need to keep returning to the house for refills.