It is so frustrating to see the drains in your shower all clogged up. Every once in a while your shower takes a long time to drain, which is indeed very frustrating. The moment you see it, you get anxious thinking about the pain to call a plumber, get it fixed, spend money and what not.

Do you know that now you can easily remove clogs from your shower drain all by yourself? Not only you will save money by doing it by yourself, but also it is hassle free as you do not have to call a plumber.

Why does your shower take a long time to drain?

There are many reasons behind it. It could be either due to garbage cluttered in the drain or due to hard water that leave residues accumulated into the drainage pipe. However, the most common reasons behind it is the blockage in the drain. This could be due to soap scum, hair, and other debris from weeks of washing that causes not only the blockage, but also a nasty shower drain odour.

How can you clean the blockage?

There are three important and handy ways to do it:

Pull out shallow clogs

Every drain whether in a fancy house or a small apartment gets clogged at some point. Therefore, you need to be prepared in advance in order to save yourself from some stress when the clog happens. Undoubtedly, if the problem is too severe you need to call a plumber, but, for simple clogs you can do it by yourself.

The easiest way to clear our clogs is to pull out shallow clogs. Many times the clog happens due to a glob of hair that gets stuck in the drain. If that’s the case, you can easily reach in with your fingertips and pull it out. Also, a tweezers can also be used to pull put the hair glob.

Use a plunger

If the hair clog is slightly deeper, then you can use a plunger. A plunger can come very handy when the drain is completely stopped up. If that happens, you should fill up the tub with water and then force the drain strongly four to five times. This will remove the clog in the drain and allow the water to flow without any trouble. Now, you know how to plunge shallow clogs with ease.

Chemical drain cleaners

There are many types of chemical drain cleaners available in the market which you can buy. These cleaners can be easily used to remove a clog from the drainage in your shower. The only thing is that you need to remember that with the use of chemical cleaners you will be polluting the environment. Therefore, make minimal use of it. Best you can do is first try to pull out clogs using your hand or tweezers, and use chemical cleaners only when the case is extreme.

Use a pipe snake

This is one of the most effective ways of clearing out clogs from drain. You can buy a pipe snake and search on internet about how to use it. It’s super easy and gives best results.