Link building is among the most important tasks in SEO activities and it can actually be the hardest. There are some juicy areas where links will reside well and we get the best SEO juice possible for our main landing pages. The most natural way is to create very interesting content and this will encourage people to create links to our webpages. But creating unique and interesting content take time, effort and skill. Everyone can do that, but they not be able to do it everyday.

Link baiting is a faster way to compensate for this limitations and we may attract inbound links faster. A common way of link baiting is by writing about the big guys in the industry. People are interested to learn more about the leaders in specific field or industry. Latest news and reports are quite interesting and attract more investors. If we do this often enough, people will start to consider us as a reliable source of information about industry’s big guys and they will create links for our website.

Another common way of attracting link is by reviewing products and services. Many people are quite excited to know about the latest possible products. Smartphones are the best example. In each price level, there are always more than a few competing models and it can be challenging to find the one that matches our unique requirement. Good and objective product review often attract enough traffic and backlinks, especially if there are a few reviews for specific language.

Many review websites get new backlinks constantly each time they create new product reviews. This is a legitimate and honest of baiting links that can benefit readers with accurate and objective information. We could also boost the link baiting process by giving out some freebies. People will be drawn easily free offers and it is an obvious thing. The best way is to offer products that our readers consider as the most attractive or valuable. Freebies don’t have to be expensive, but they must be highly relevant to our audience.

It is also important to make sure that we are the first to write on specific issues. Great news travels like fire and we should be fully connected to the Internet. Many websites are popular because they are the first to break very interesting news. By becoming the first, we should be able to boost our website traffic and it’s easy to bring a lot of valuable backlinks. In-depth analysis could easily attract new visitors to our website. Another thing that we can do is to stir some controversy. It doesn’t mean that we create exaggerated claims or fake reports, but it’s a good thing if we are able to cause people to rethink what they believe.

Controversy can become a good way of baiting links, if our arguments are convincing and weighty enough. Link baits are often criticized if they have bombastic titles and not-so-special content. So, it is important to make sure that our content are truly intriguing.