The office is not a place that one would call the most sanitary place on earth. This comes as no surprise since the office is where people from different locations convene. This is why it is important that an office undergoes deep cleaning regularly. Otherwise, it won’t just lead to clutter but it will also foster an unhealthy environment for the employees.

That said, there are some areas of the office that may require special attention during cleaning. These spots are the ones that you should not neglect from the cleaning process the most. Read on to find out what these office spots are.

Under the Office Chair

Employees tend to neglect the underside of their tables and chairs. What people don’t know is that these areas are the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This is why it is a must that the underside of the office chair is clean.

When cleaning the underside of the office chair, you should take the time to clean the office chair’s wheels as well. Poor maintenance of office chair wheels will have strands of hair tangled all around it, which can make them stuck.

Imagine the ease of a smoothly gliding chair on the office floor. This should be enough motivation for you to get cleaning.

Computer Peripherals

Computers are one of the office worker’s most used equipment. Studies have shown that office workers spend around 1,700 hours a year in front of a computer. However, people tend to forget to clean their computers which can cause problems in the long run, technical or not.

You can simply wipe the screen and the back of the monitor. Also, clean the keyboard with compressed air can so that it gets in the nooks and crannies.

When you take proper care of your computer, it will last longer. Plus, it’s nice to work in a clean environment, especially if it is your workspace.


Another particular spot or item in the office that should receive regular cleaning is the company telephone. It is doubtful that each desk has an individual telephone to use. On that note, people are resting their face on the same phone over and over so it becomes a hotbed of germs and bacteria.

When cleaning a telephone, all you have to do is apply rubbing alcohol all over it. Afterward, wipe it down with a cloth and you’re good to go.

The phone is not the first thing people think off when it comes to office appliances that should receive regular cleaning. However, a clean telephone prevents the spread of germs, so don’t forget to clean it too.

Everything in The Office Pantry

Yes. Everything.

This is the place where people handle their food so, of course, it should be the cleanest area in the entire office. From the coffee pot to the mugs to the refrigerator, everything must receive regular cleaning.

The kitchen is such a public place and the utensils are used by every employee. Thus, it is crucial that the kitchen is the cleanest place in the office.

Remember to wash utensils immediately after use. Don’t be rude and leave it lying around for others to wash. Also, when you notice that a food has gone bad in the fridge, don’t leave it. Throw it away immediately.

Great kitchen etiquette is not only polite, but it also keeps the place neat too.

Curtains and Blinds

Don’t forget to clean the curtains and blinds, too. Plenty of dust can be hiding away in there and the greyish thing doesn’t look that attractive, to be honest. The rule of thumb is that you should replace curtains twice a year, and blinds every seven years or so.

A regular dusting of curtains and blinds should happen every week. This way not too much dust would accumulate. When cleaning curtains and blinds, it is best that they are dry-cleaned instead of washed. Otherwise, they may end up shrinking.

Better yet, you can hire professionals to do it for you. According to MaidSailors, leading Office Cleaning Services NYC provider, this will not only save time. Professional cleaners are also less likely to make mistakes when cleaning curtains and blinds.


When cleaning the office, one of the less obvious spots to clean is the office lights. As they say: Out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, this is what happens to the cleanliness of the office lights.

If you are unsure about how to clean office lights, especially if they are very particular ones, then leave it to expert cleaners instead. Clean lights last longer and will shine brighter. Plus, you won’t have to pay for a deep cleaning every time when you regularly clean them.

Don’t forget to clean these specific office spots and you’ll find a neat and tidy office for everyone. Not only will it be clean, but it will also be a healthy environment too. Aside from that, you will be saving yourself from having to shoulder the cost of constant deep cleaning.

Remembering to regularly clean these areas will definitely pay off.