SUV is often your pride and joy, so you need to protect it as one of the largest assets. Vehicle often becomes an extension of our personality and we spend a sizable chunk of our hard earned money for it. With a proper SUV, it should be able to last a long time. It should cruise smoothly and look good. However, we eventually need to deal with extreme weather and it is important to make sure that our new SUV is able to withstand its first winter properly. Our SUV should adjust to the cold climate. If we are not prepared, our new SUV will only become a human-driven hockey puck that slides on icy surface. The local authority may seek to keep the roads driveable by adding sand, salt and de-icing chemicals. These solutions can be safe environmentally, but constant exposure with these chemical may wreak havoc to our wax job. As an example, magnesium sulphate is a good chemical to prevent cars from sliding uncontrollably into the ditches and guardrails. Unfortunately, it would play hell on our automobiles finish. Corrosion and rust will slowly degrade our expensive assets, causing the reduction in values. So the stakes are quite high. There’s no way we can control the weather, but decades of experience should allow us to fight back and minimize risks. It is better to try to co-exist with the Mother Nature, so we will be able to cruise through the winter successfully. If winter will soon be in full swing, you should start to make adjustments.

Because the surrounding is quite moist during the winter, rust will easily develop in bare metal. So, it is important to check your car for any sign of chipped paints. Small chips could cause some amount of moisture to seep under the finish of the car, causing rust to form underneath. When rust is severe enough, the metal surface will weaken and small rusty holes will appear, as your car is rusting from inside out. This will significantly reduce the resale value of your car. Before the winter, you should deal with these chips. You should consider whether your car needs an undercoating. There are many undercoating solutions in the market and you can find them at the nearest auto part store. Some products can be quite simple to use, you can purchase a can of undercoating solution and apply it directly. However, if you want to get more professional results, it is a good idea to bring your car to the auto detailing company. You should be able to get complete results for about $100. If you have a pickup SUV, you should consider a lining. There are various lining solutions in the market. As an example, you could choose the rubber like lining. You may also choose harder line. There are different ways to protect the paint of your car. In order to protect the car surface against salt exposure, you may need special salt-resistant wax. Regular waxing products may not hold well under intense salt exposure. You should check whether the wax is proven that it can perform well against salt spray tests.