boiler water treatment

Not all of you are aware of the Boiler Water Treatment. The term is new to many of you. Don’t worry; we will enlighten you about it.

What is the Boiler Water Treatment?

You must have seen large boilers in different industries. These boilers serve the purpose of steam & power generation. To generate steam of course water is required. The water gets heated into the large boilers. When it gets boiled, it turns into steam. It’s a normal practice for industries to use the water that comes from the natural sources. The trouble is that the water from natural resources is impure. Once the water is heated in the boiler, all the impurities that are there in the water make their home on the surface.

Undoubtedly, the impurities are responsible for the poor performance of the boiler. When impurities settle down on the surface, the performance of your boilers starts falling down. Another thing is that settled impurities make the whole process a lot complicated. The efficiency of the system decreases and the boiler’s tubes get damaged at a good scale. Sometimes the condition gets worse that you have to go for the boiler repair. The repair cost is pretty high and most of the companies can’t bear it.

For a reason mentioned above, the treatment of water is necessary. Boiler water treatment saves you boiler by treating the water that gets introduced into it. The process of treatment of water is called boiler water treatment.

Objectives of the process

Primarily, there are three major objectives of the water treatment system

  1. It provides a smooth heat exchange
  2. It provides a protective shield to the boiler so that impurities don’t get settled at all.
  3. It increases the efficiency of your boiler so that the high-quality steam is produced.

The entire process revolves around two methods which are known as external and internal methods.

We’ll discuss both methods one by one. Let’s head on to the external treatment first.

External Treatment

In the external treatment, all the impurities are removed from the outer part of the boiler. External treatment is only done when the impurities reach to a level that the boiler gets hurt at a good scale. Some known types of this treatment method are softening, evaporation, etc.

Internal Treatment

This treatment is needed when you have to remove the impurities that get settled in the boiler. This treatment works best when you combine the external water treatment with it.

Internal treatment is mainly done to reduce the hardness of water that builds up the scale and to remove the pathogens.

Does the Treatment do any Good to you?

Undeniably, the boiler water treatment saves you. It increases the lifespan and the efficiency of boilers. When the boiler is filled with impurities, it consumes more energy to generate steam and power. When it consumes more energy, of course, your cost increases.

Boiler water treatment is a life-saver for you as it reduces your cost and makes your boiler more efficient.  The overall performance of your boiler increases moreover the heating time of water reduces. All in all the maintenance cost decreases and the efficiency of the boiler increases.

You can’t go or any boiler water treatment unless you know the condition of feed water. After knowing its condition, only then you can think of the right treatment for your boiler water.

We would recommend you to take the help of water treatment specialists. They can tell about the condition of your feed water and yet can suggest the perfect treatment for it as well.