For parents who are ambitious or those who want to put in a little more creative flare into their child’s party next time, the search for great ideas in terms of new age kids party entertainment can be very tough. This is because most of the good ideas have been taken by people and practiced so much until it gets boring. Here are a few more ideas for great kids party entertainment that not many people are aware of yet.

  • Cupcakes with ice cream in them

Every one of your guests will be expecting cupcakes at the party but imagine their surprise when they find ice cream in it instead! As one of the top kids party entertainment ideas out there, ice cream cupcakes definitely takes the top place for being able to throw people off and breath new life into this traditional treat at every birthday party.

  • Lawn Twister

Instead of having everyone cooped up inside the house for this traditional party game, why not have it on the lawn instead? The new change of pace and scenery will definitely add to the overall experience and fun when playing Twister outside. The best thing about this idea is that you can customize the traditional game of Twister to fit in as many kids or people as you want!

Traditionally Twister has only been able to accommodate a few players at once due to the space restrictions but now that you are playing the game outside on the lawn, you can actually increase the amount of players playing at the same time!

  • Shark watermelon treat

Imagine the delight on the kids’ faces when they see a melon cut in the shape of a shark sitting on the kitchen counter. They may be frightened at first but once they see that its harmless, they will turn their frowns upside down into big smiles! This treat doesn’t take much to prepare and one only needs a knife and some creativity on how to form the shape of the shark.

  • Making party food like never before

Party food has always included food as one of the many kids party entertainment ideas that is often left untouched. Why not do something about the appearance as part of the new age kids party entertainment ideas project? Simply decorate or form the food in weird and odd shapes that nobody has seen before. This will ensure everyone gets the same delighted surprise when they see your food.