A Walk Through the Ultimate Bachelor Bedroom

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Any guy can throw up a few posters of exotic sports cars with scantily clad women draped across them and call it a “bachelor pad,” but that hardly classifies as an acceptable living space for any bachelor over the age of 24. It’s time to distinguish yourself as a man of taste. One way you can do this (aside from throwing out every graphic tee in your wardrobe) is to give your bedroom — your inner sanctum — an overhaul. Walk with us, then, as we tour the ultimate bachelor bedroom:

The Entrance

The entrance to the bachelor chamber sets the tone for the whole room, and nothing says bachelor majesty like an oak door with a porthole window. If the bedroom is in an apartment, it is clear of signs, posters, or stickers.


The usual carpet of most apartments tends to be somewhat less than attractive, so as we direct our attention to the floor, note the subtle but masculine cowhide rug adding a rustic dimension to the decor. Soft, sensuous, and earthy, animal hide rugs present an appealing contrast to the plainness of the apartment carpet.

A Walk Through The Ultimate Bachelor Bedroom

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If attention is paid to the floor, the walls must also receive attention in order to create a sense of balance. Original artwork of historical ships, pastoral themes, and even a bold avant-garde work may be found here. Additional artwork in the form of metal or wood sculpture may be found on the dresser and/or bedside table.  


Proper lighting in a bedroom is essential. Our ultimate bachelor bedroom, of course, utilizes nothing but the finest. Voice-activated, chrome floor lamps ooze style and sophistication and have the added bonus of not having to get out of bed to deal with them. Similarly controlled, cordless LED lights are also placed in the corners of the room, always ready to set the perfect mood.

A Walk Through The Ultimate Bachelor Bedroom

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No bedroom is complete with the bed as the only piece of furniture. Therefore, this bastion of bachelorhood is complete with a smoked glass bedside table and mirrored three-door dresser. The bed itself is imperial, a king-size wooden throne and monument to virility.


Let’s be honest — this would not be an ultimate bachelor bedroom without practical touches to suit the lifestyle of the bachelor in question. This one includes a killer stereo system to pump out the perfect music, a mini refrigerator for easy access to adult beverages when needed, and a plug-in artificial fireplace to help set a cozy mood on winter nights.

There it is. The citadel of bachelor perfection that all men dream of but few attain. While not everything on this list may be within the price range of the average guy, simply adding a few choice items — say, the cowhide rug, lamps, and a piece of artwork — can go a long way to improving any bachelor bedroom.