In the State of Florida, 4-point inspection is one of the most common types of home inspection that is essential to obtain homeowner’s insurance coverage for homes that are over 25 years old. If you want to obtain or renew homeowner’s insurance, then there is simply no way to avoid 4-point inspection Miami FL.

You need to understand the procedure of the inspection, the components that are inspected, and the main concerns that are involved when applying for insurance. Let’s start with what actually 4 point inspection is. As the name states, there are 4 major components that need to be inspected. The 4 components are:

  1. Roof
  2. Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioner (HVAC)
  3. Electrical system
  4. Plumbing system

While conducing 4-point inspection Miami FL, the inspector will make sure that these components are closely examined and evaluated. Hence, it is extremely important that the company you chose has a team of inspectors that are highly professional and trained in order to ensure that the inspection is performed properly. Let’s look at what the professional inspectors will look at during the 4-point inspection:

Roof inspection

Firstly, the inspector will assess the lifespan of the roof and gauge how many years it can last for. It is necessary that it must have a life 3 to 5 years remaining after inspection. They would look of cracks, minor gaps causing leakage, dampness, and mold. There is a specific criterion for the inspection and only a limited damage is acceptable by the insurance firm, hence if exceed their mentioned limit, they may not provide insurance for the home.


Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioner (HVAC)

4-point inspection Miami FL would include an examination of Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioner (HVAC) system to assess the functionality and condition to know whether they all are functioning properly or not. To get your home insured, the HVAC system needs to be functioning properly. Apart from checking the functionality, they will note down the number of times the HVAC system has been repaired and the last time it was repaired.

Electrical system

Inspectors will conduct an in-depth inspection of the electrical system to find out issues related to the system. They will check every outlet on the property and look at the wiring to see what is going on behind the walls. They will not approve an electric system with exposed wiring, cloth or aluminum wiring.

Plumbing system

All plumbing fixtures are inspected to find leaks, cracks, and rust.  Shower, water heater, tubs, washing machine, dishwasher, toilets, and almost everything in the house is inspected in the 4-point inspection Miami FL

Important note:

Remember if there is a list of defects in your house that have been noted down by the inspector then getting your property insured will be difficult. The insurance company will review the detailed inspection report and then decide if the home qualifies for an insurance coverage.