What You Need To Know About Septic Tanks

The cost of a septic tank repair can soar into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so it is much better to ensure routine maintenance takes place to prevent any severe damage to your septic system. There are several steps involved in the maintenance process that you should be aware of.

Checking the Sludge Levels.

Your septic tank is divided into three levels. The sludge is the third level and rests on the bottom of the tank. The sludge should never exceed one-third of the total tank capacity. There are types of bacteria inside a septic tank that work to break down the sludge in the tank, but if the levels rise too high then the bacteria are unable to eliminate the sludge fast enough. Routine maintenance will ensure the levels do not rise too high and will pump out any sludge that needs to be removed.

Searching for Liquid Waste.

Another aspect of routine maintenance is looking for waste that is outside the tank, not inside. If any is found, it can indicate damage to the tank that is allowing the waste to seep out. Biological waste is contained inside of specialized tanks because it can be hazardous to the health of you and your family, so making sure the tank is regularly inspected prevents potential dangers.

Looking for Damage.

One of the final parts of a maintenance visit is the visual inspection. The technician will inspect the lid of your tank for cracks, and then will inspect the connections to ensure none are loose. This ensures the tank continues to work properly for years to come. The technician will be able to tell you if more serious repairs are needed, or if he sees any problems forming.

Don’t wait for a septic emergency before you get your tank serviced. Find a company for¬†septic tank service Orlando¬†near you and take a proactive approach to the health of your septic service.