Sometimes businesses have their official addresses in locations far away from where they conduct most of their business.  In some cases, they choose to incorporate the business in a state where tax laws are favorable to businesses.  Delaware is a popular state for incorporating businesses.  You have probably also heard about how the Cayman Islands has many more businesses than residents for this same reason.

Avoiding the taxman is not the only factor in choosing a business address, though.  Sometimes the reasons are more aspirational.  Business sometimes choose an address in an upscale neighborhood in the interest of targeting sales in affluent communities.  With Global Business Centers resources, getting a business address in classy Beverly Hills is more affordable than you might expect.

A Business Address in Beverly Hills

Global Business Centers offers business owners a Beverly Hills virtual office.  With a virtual office, your business gets an address and phone number in our Beverly Hills office building.  A professional receptionist will answer phone calls to your business.  You get the benefits of your business being located in Beverly Hills, even if you only occasionally come to Los Angeles.

Actually Doing Business in Beverly Hills

When you do come to Los Angeles, Global Business Centers can provide luxurious spaces where you can meet with clients.  You can rent elegant Meeting Rooms in Beverly Hills.  Renting meeting rooms by the day is a good financial decision.  It makes a great impression on clients, making you appear professional and successful.  You benefit from meeting with clients in spaces that are usually only within the budget of very large and successful businesses.

Renting a virtual office in Beverly Hills gives you the name recognition to attract affluent clients.  Meanwhile, you can spend most of your time working in a more affordable location.