Tools That Should Make You A Better Healthcare Administrator

Busy healthcare administrators in a field that is continually advancing don’t have time to waste. But if you’re still taking notes by hand, using sticky-notes as reminders and holding endless, non-productive meetings, that’s exactly what you may be doing?wasting time. Here are some tools that will help you manage your day, your employees and your projects, so that you can use your time and talents more efficiently.

Shake Up Your Meeting Style

Nobody likes meetings, but they are a necessary evil in communicating with staff members. Try holding a working meeting where everyone stays in their own office and meets via Twiddla, a free web-based meeting place. Share and mark up websites, photos and graphics or use the provided whiteboard to take notes and brainstorm ideas. This website is totally free to use, no plugins or downloads needed.
Because visuals are instant communicators, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Easily create a variety of charts, including bar, pie and line charts, online and share them free at Need something faster? Try Scribbly Icon Maker, a tool that lets you make animated graphics from hand-drawn shapes and scribbled notes.

Organize Your Work

Use Google’s online calendar to help organize your schedule, share your calendar and access staff calendars from your cell phone. You can also send event reminders via email or text messages. For help organizing and sharing information, try Google Docs or Microsoft Office Live Workspace. Both allow you to view, edit and share documents online. Google Docs also allows you to create them. Manage tasks online with Remember the Milk, which allows you to create and share a to-do list and set up email/SMS/IM reminders. Create and send meeting agendas, too.

Project Management

Do you manage your job by Post-It notes? If you use sticky notes to help remember the myriad tasks and requests you have each day, try an online project management tool such as Basecamp. It helps you organize projects by allowing you to assign tasks and deadlines for staff, set milestones and upload documents as well.

Scheduling Made Easier

Have you ever had to remake schedules because you needed a staff member with specific skills on a certain shift? Make scheduling easier and faster with software like TrackSmart. This software allows you to create a schedule based on the needs of your patients. Type in your needs and the system will show you which staff members have the skills you need and when they are on duty.

Online Programs for Career Advancement

Tools like these can be an important part of a successful career. The other part is a quality education from noted schools such as The George Washington University (GW) and Maryville University. GW offers an online healthcare MBA program that lets you learn when you want. Maryville’s online degree programs are available to students and professionals already in the work field who want to advance their career.

Online education from reputable institutions provides students and professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to forge a rewarding career in healthcare. Learn when you want with programs that are fully available online and that are fully accredited.