Here is a popular saying from a long time, i.e. “If a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

So, what’s your answer? Similarly, the corporate culture question version will like this

“If a product is sold in the marketplace, but no one knows about it, does it exist?”

The Visual Merchandising is both the science and the art at the same time; the aim is to lure your shoppers into the store. So what, if you have gorgeous items in your store, but unfortunately the shoppers have not the X-ray vision or scan facility so that neither they have an idea what the inside of the store nor about the new arrival.

How Visual Merchandising Rocket Science Business Hike Business

So what’s the solution, here the Visual Merchandising needs to tell another that your service or product still exists in the market, several store keepers use display mannequins to show the new arrival. They get success to stay the visitor for a long period and in most cases they sell that product was advertised on mannequins, this is another example, how the visual advertising or marketing can lead you or your brand on a new height, and the sky has no limits, so no boundaries for you.

The big brand, Nike using the “Just Do It” tagline with a symbol, as we see any wording with this line we easily guess the product is from Nike, in simple words use banners, mannequins, symbols or whatever creative and unique to get potential customer(s) attention about what’s your product or service is.

Shopkeepers’ strategy for getting sales even at high price possible because of, instead of use counter or table, they use male, female or kids mannequins for display their products. And,  it is statically facts from the survey results that the clothes displayed on a mannequin is selling fast and have a higher percentage of time than the clothes on hangers or placed over a table. Even, after they got a good demand they increase the price of good sale item, and the correctly use of things visually work here.

For your jewelry business, you can use mannequins to show your latest design, creative work or new arrival, it can attract the people, also it is a good cause of keeping customer stay at your store, and that is a good opportunity for you. Similarly, a clothing store uses the female, male strachu, the using of kids mannequins is a secret tactic to attract kids for clothes, and in 80-90% cases, the kids agree with their parents to buy that item.

Finally, the Visual Merchandising is the nonverbal communication between/among you and the visitors, the effective arrangement can attract those people who come to market only for a walk not for buying anything. By keeping visitor longer, your display mannequins help to half the battle.