Amidst the various irresistible temptations of the land of the wild, the Tarangire National Park creates its own magic by the lively interaction of the African elephants with the visitors and the sumptuous accommodation arrangements. A Tarangire visit is quite often not included in the list of those who are planning to have a short stay, but, if you believe in the words of the wise, then Tarangire is a must visit, especially for couples and families (including the little ones)!

The elephants in Tarangire are the biggest attraction in this region. After you have done with the touring of the Arusha, the Serengeti and the Crater, you can thoughtfully sneak into a plan of staying a night or two at the Tarangire National Park. The elephants here form a part of the great Serengeti migration ecosystem, and during your stay at the camps or the lodges in Tarangire, it will not be astonishing to see an elephant passing by every five or ten minutes! Plus, you cannot manage to escape the joyous treat of watching the natural elephant bathing show!

The sixth largest natural park of Tanzania has its name derived from the beautiful Tarangire River, which flows throughout the entire length of the Tarangire National Park. It lies about 75 miles away from the Arusha and is an easy to reach spot via either Arusha or Lake Manyara by road or through charter planes. Being the only source of water in this region, quite naturally, many animals, and particularly the African elephants, get attracted to this off- track region. In fact, during the summers, you may find many of the Manyara habitants coming to the Tarangire in search of water.

It’s a spectacular treat to watch the typical ‘caring behaviour’ of these big sized elephants. They, and particularly the mothers, protect their babies just like we humans do. They walk in groups and when they are alarmed by an approaching enemy, they tend to tuck in the youngsters towards the centre and they themselves fight to drive their predators off. Besides the elephants, you can also spot here the extremely rare – peculiar long necked gerenuk and the fringe eared Oryx. About 550 bird species, including the Kori bustard, ground hornbills, turkeys and the stocking thigh ostriches, can also be spotted here. Some glimpses of the leopards and the cheetahs can also be seen at the Tarangire National Park. However, most of the other animals that you see here are actually visitors and form a part of the Serengeti migration, while the elephants are the real natives which can be found here in both dry as well as wet seasons.

The travel destination Tarangire is often picked up by the tourists because of its awesome and warm accommodations and silent atmosphere. The lavish ‘Tarangire Treetops’ are one of the biggest attractions here. The Tarangire Safari Lodge is another favourite, which is seated on a cliff and is geared with all the spectacular arrangements and boutique dining experiences, in the middle of nowhere. Other than these, there are also several lodges, tented lodges, luxury tented camps, exclusive lodges and camp sites that you may decide to stay at during your unparalleled Tarangire expedition.