Trading in the stock market is one of the primary movers of capital all across the world. Once upon a time shares were meant for ownership of a company and the matter stopped at that. Companies pay dividends and that was the primary motivating factor for someone to buy shares. With time and growth in trading of shares, different investment houses and other financial institutions have come up and the industry of stock broking has reached new heights as the economies went global and interconnected with each other. The large investment houses of today own significant proportions of shares in different companies and in many cases own the controlling stakes in them. While they do not have any interest in being the owner of the company, the stocks they own help create their own portfolios which are their primary sources of income. While dealing with a large volume is true for large corporations, as a small investor one has the potential to make it big in the turbulent and active world of share trading.

 Chance to make it big

 The world of stock market is a risky market.  It generates millionaires and robs fortunes of many at a single day of trading. The stories of people making it big overnight has and continues to attract many young people to this profession. However, it needs to be borne in mind that the stock market is a highly volatile and high risk business and all are not suited for this kind of a career. To know why and who trades shares and why some are successful and some are not, we need to understand the basics of stock market trading.

 Tricks to succeed while some do not

 There are some tricks to a good stock trader. The art of succeeding is to have a diverse portfolio so that when some of your decisions go wrong, you do not lose all or most of your money. Also, gains made in other accounts compensate for the loss in one account. You will stay in business to strike it rich another day. You have to be prudent and be able to make the right decisions and stick by them even in a moment of pressure. This is a quality which a young stock broker needs to inculcate in his methodology. The ability to withstand pressure and perform is a constant need in this industry.