Singapore is a thriving island city-state known as a global financial centre. This tropical destination is home to over 5 million individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. Because of its strategic location on the Southeast Asian map, countless companies and organizations have head-quarters established on the island.

Numerous individuals from different areas on the globe have moved to Singapore in recent years for employment opportunities and better quality of life. If you’re considering making the move to this sprawling metropolis, here’s everything you need to know about relocating to Singapore.

Weather and Climate

If you’re coming from a cold climate country, then you should probably consider a change of wardrobe. Singapore is located near the equator, and that means hot, humid climates all year round. While that might deter some individuals, Singapore has made adjustments to their largely urban city areas, ensuring that subways, shopping centres, and workplaces are efficiently and sufficiently air conditioned for the comfort of its inhabitants.

That is not to say however that Singapore only ever experiences hot weather. Expect there to be constant (sometimes daily) weather changes from scorching hot and humid to stormy. Rainfall occurs on the island nearly every day and usually lasts for up to an hour at a time.

Culture and Language

While Malay is Singapore’s acknowledged official national language, many Singaporeans converse in English. Because businesses and companies that have headquarters and outlets in Singapore come from many other locations, individuals in the professional realm speak fluent English to allow the trading of information to become more fluid. Aside from that, Singaporeans who work as taxi drivers, cashiers, and storekeepers also speak their own version of English, otherwise known as Singlish. This dialect might be harder for foreigners to understand, but can be comprehended with a little extra effort.

Most of the people you will find in Singapore are Chinese, but there are a number of other races and cultures that walk the city streets – Malay and Indian individuals are not hard to find. In terms of religion, the major ones Singaporeans observe are Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Taoism.

Employment and Business

Because it’s so strategically located (right in the centre of Southeast Asia), numerous big names and companies have used Singapore as their headquarters. If you’re an expatriate making a move the Singapore, don’t expect that you’ll be shaking hands with too many locals. Expatriates almost always deal with other expatriates, and trading between Singapore locals are done at the level of local companies and businesses.

Quality of Life

All in all, people who live in Singapore are naturally happy and workers are usually driven to strive for success because of their local culture – that is, Singapore is a city-state that puts a great amount of importance in the luxuries of life and material possessions. Once you have a car, a constant source of cash, and a clean, quiet, classy condo to live in, you’re as good as gold.

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