FxPro Tool is a wide ranging app that is meant to provide info to users on assorted financial instruments in real time. It provides you with market information concerning forex, futures, indices, shares and precious metals. This app received an excellent response from users. Now it is regularly available without charge for all users of XFR Financial Ltd.

Features of FxPro Tools

Dashboard- In its latest edition, FxPro has a dashboard wherein the traders can know the movement of currencies at any time. They can also watch the current status of other FxPro traders and judge how volatile the market is.

Economic Calendar- Traders can come to know of all the significant announcements connected to economy as and when those get released.  They can filter those announcements as per their significance and on the basis of currencies they could impact.

Markets- Traders can watch the existing prices of desired financial instruments. They can also put price alerts at XFR Financial Ltd. The ongoing announcements help execution of the job as soon as any instrument put to alerts reaches the target price that the dealer might have put.

Trading calculators- You’ll find this to be among the most helpful features of this application as you can utilize the trading calculator for making all your trading calculations at the same place including, margins required, currency conversions, swap, take profit/stop loss, pip value and traders’ commissions.

Blog – You may access the FoxPro’s blog, containing widely read analysis along with regular insights of the markets everyday. It is offered straightway with the FxPro application.

How to download and start trading with XFR Financial Ltd

You can download FxPro app onto your Android device by simply going to Google Play Store in your Android device. Google Play Store has all the Android applications for forex trade with XFR Financial Ltd. You may download and install all the free apps straightway but be prepared to pay nominal fee for paid apps. FxPro Tools is a free application that you can search on using ‘Fxpro tools’ as the keyword.

You’ll find a list of apps connected to the keyword, and you’ll see FxPro tools appearing on the top of the list. You may like going through the reviews connected to the app on scrolling down that page. Net, you click on ‘install’ for downloading the app and keep following the instructions till the installation is complete.  Subsequently, you can open the application and start using it.