One of the most frequent problems pet owners encounter is shedding. For some, shedding happens seasonally at the end of spring when they lose their winter coats, and in autumn when the summer coat is replaced by the winter coat. For others, shedding is a yearlong battle that seems impossible to win.

If you are fighting the war on shedding, fear not. Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming has some tried and true solutions that will help you get the upper hand.

Tips for Reducing Shedding

The first step in combatting shedding is by preventing or reducing the problem. If you can reduce the amount of shedding, or prevent the fur from getting onto furniture or clothes or the floors in the first place, you are halfway to victory.

  • Talk to a trusted veterinarian about how to reduce shedding. A Vet can recommend a diet that for your dog or cat aimed at improving the health of your pet’s skin and coat, which helps reduce shedding. The vet may also rule out any health problems such as allergies that might contribute to excessive shedding.
  • Get your dog or cat professionally groomed regularly. Professional groomers use professional tools to remove the excess fur through de-shedding. They also use professional grade shampoos and conditioners that help keep their skin and coat in the best possible condition, which also helps reduce shedding. Regular bathing also helps reduce allergens that may be irritating your dog or cat that could cause additional scratching which increases the amount of shed fur that goes flying into the air.
  • Use a de-shedding tool once a week. A de-shedding tool separates the fur into layers, removes the dead fur, and captures it in the tines of the tool. Any fur you can remove through de-shedding is fur that does not end up in the home or in your pet’s stomach. De-shedding also reduces the incidence of matting which can be very painful.

Tips for Managing Shedding

Since we can’t completely prevent shedding, it is also important to manage the problem. Here are some ways to minimize the problem of shedding.

  • Place doormats where your pet likes to lay. One with bristles can act like a gentle brush to help remove excess fur while also capturing any that happens to fall out. Regularly clean the mats and place back in their favorite places to lounge.
  • Provide a pet bed for them to use so they are less likely to use the furniture.
  • Restrict the pet to certain areas of the home. By making some spaces off limits, you can concentrate your cleaning efforts to those areas more easily managed.
  • Cover the furniture. It is much easier to remove a couch or chair cover for washing than it is to clean the furniture. Choose covers that camouflage pet hair to make the problem less noticeable.

Tips for Getting Rid of Pet Hair

Even with your best efforts, there will probably be a significant amount of pet hair to clean up. Here are the best tips our mobile pet grooming clients have shared with us.

  • Use a Swiffer to capture loose pet hair on the floor.
  • A damp (not wet) sponge can effectively remove fur from clothing.
  • Run a dryer sheet over your clothes while wearing to loosen and repel fur.
  • Use a wet rubber glove over your hand to rake up fur on furniture.
  • Tape and lint brushes help remove pet hair from curtains.
  • Spray curtains, chairs and couches with Static Guard to help break the static bond that hold the fur fast to fabrics. This will make it much easier to vacuum up.
  • To remove fur from wood furniture, spray a soft cloth with static spray and wipe the surface clean.
  • For carpeting, vacuum twice in opposite directions to loosen and remove the fur.
  • Run a rubber squeegee across the floor or couch to gather fur up quickly into a pile.
  • Remember to clean under areas where fur can gather so it does not travel to other areas.

There are many reasons to make dogs or cats part of your life: they are wonderful companions, provide protection, and fill our lives with joy. However, if you have pets, shedding is an inevitable part of life. While the problem is ongoing, dealing with shedding is a small price to pay for undying loyalty and unending friendship. With these tips and regular professional grooming, you can win the battle against shedding.

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