No kitchen these days is complete without a microwave. It’s mandatory for people who have busy lives. So if you are renovating your kitchen and searching for designer kitchens or used models, you need to think about your budget and the size of appliances you will need to fit into the available space. Starting with the all-important microwave.

There were times when people used to put their microwave on a bench top, near an existing power point as a standard practice. But this was often a waste of valuable bench space. Now, people are thinking more innovatively to maximise space while still having the microwave close at hand for daily use.

All microwave doors open from left to right. This aspect does not have a huge impact on where the microwave should be in the kitchen but it gives us a useful starting point.

So here are some tips for you to help you decide where to place the microwave.

Ease of Access

Microwaves come in different sizes with different heights, widths and depths. As do people. If you are six-foot tall and place your microwave high up, then it could be unreachable for shorter members of the household.

You may not have too many options depending upon the design limitations. Try to pick a location that’s convenient for the countertop and fridge. We often take things out from the fridge and place them straight into the microwave so it’s important to have both close to each other while ensuring there’s a little bench space nearby.

Visual Appeal

A popular design idea these days is to conceal the microwave behind closed doors. This idea can be implemented via cabinetry with has single or double doors (pocket doors) that retract fully back. The doors should remain open while the microwave is in operation. Be careful with this arrangement because microwaves are deep and you will also need extra space for ventilation.

Down Under

Another good idea is to place the microwave below the benchtop to save a lot of space. In this way, the microwave is not going to be too visible in an open room layout and is user-friendly and accessible.

Above but beyond

If you have difficulty bending down, then place the microwave in an overhead cabinet. By having such an arrangement, you can have free space below the bench to use as storage.

Wall Oven Tower

The most practical design solution is to place the microwave above an in-built oven in a tall cabinet. This way, all the cooking appliances will be placed next to each other to create a consistent look. Make sure that you do not place the oven too high though, or you will have to lift liquids above your head, which could lead to accidents.

So while you are planning your dream kitchen, make sure you follow these tips. Or if you are going to have a designer kitchen; then share what you would like to have with your designer.