The different features that are present in OPPO mobile are as follows:

  1. Camera: OPPO is the first ever smart phone company to release a model that has amazing camera features. It boats of a 13 megapixel camera which rotates through an angle of 206 degrees to provide unique viewing angles and hence high image definition. Both front and rear sides of the device share the same high quality camera which ensures that images captured from both sides are of equally high definition. Although the camera rotates and can adjust to any angle, it also has the facility to stay stagnant and locked in a particular framed angle, thus making its operation even more convenient to the user.
  1. Image Quality: As a result of the hardware and software working in perfect harmony with each other, a number of apps can be employed to improve further its features. One if these apps are the Pure Image, which when applied to the photos being shot, can provide immensely realistic and high definition images with details outlined in a prominent fashion. This allows the viewing of fine details which would most likely go missed otherwise.
  1. Innovative Technology: This model is fashioned with a fascinating dual mode technology. The whole device is wrapped by two different finely crafted chamfers, that are not only clearly visible from all sides but also cover and run through the all the exposed sides of the phone in a highly unassuming and minimalist design. Added to this, the subtle curves of the backpad lend a certain sophistication and class to this model, which makes it tough to resist.
  1. Cutting-edge Craftsmanship: The device is crafted out of aluminum and lent a polycarbonate finish which makes it highly resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and rusting or fading. This tough frame is a result of 20 days of hard toil, during which it undergoes about 14 steps of polishing carried out by ace suppliers. The body of the phone has a ceramic-like finish which is designed to keep it free of wet and dry fingerprints and smooth to touch. Thus this smart phone is a unique blend of firmness, style and innovation.
  1. Modern Operation: O-touch is a novel way of operating smartphones. The availability of a 13-square centimeter back touch panel enables a more comfortable usage of the OPPO screen. One can easily touch, scroll and even snap photos with the help of O-touch which prevents the fingers from blocking the display screen. Also the o-click enables the user to operate the camera from quite a remote distance. Moreover if the device gets misplaced, it can be easily located by controlling a simple alarm in the phone. This unique O-click fits perfects into a keychain and can be used to connect to the device through Bluetooth.

Android version: This device employs the latest 4.4 jellybean android version. Also its 5.9 inch screen provides high resolution display, up to 2500*4600 pixels. This brings a whole new experience of video viewing. The touch panel is ultra-sensitive and enables multiple touch at the same time to allow better control over the device.