Digital signage is quickly taking the place of printed and static advertising. Most big businesses are turning toward digital signage for a variety of compelling reasons, including special promotions, delivering information, and general visibility. This type of signage can be done on a small scale in reception areas or waiting rooms, or on larger scales like billboards on the sides of buildings or on buses or trains.

The smaller installations are a massive growth area and lucrative side of the marketplace. These types of advertising are less labour intensive than printed signs, are less expensive over time than static advertisements, and are also less time consuming in general. You can get the same information out into the market for less money and time. This is especially true when you regularly change your signage with updated information. Instead of developing and printing a whole new sign, you can just update the outgoing message with a series of keystrokes.

As stated in a previous article on, there are a lot of businesses, including restaurants and other eateries, which are investing in digital signage for their menu boards as a way to be more environmentally friendly. Airlines, like those in New Zealand, are also taking advantage of digital signage to better target the massive volume of travellers that pass through Auckland Airport each day. These are just a couple of examples amongst thousands happening day in day out as the industry, and consumer expectations, expand.

Increase Your Visibility

One of the best reasons to use digital signage is the visibility it gives to your business. In a saturated market it can be hard to get your business the attention it’ll need to thrive. Paul, expert in Digital Signage at Videonations, explains that “by switching to digital signage you can gain attention better than you’d be able to with a normal static sign. You can choose to use digital signage outside of your storefront to get people to patronise your establishment over the competition. This can be especially important on a busy urban street where you may have multiple stores vying for the same target customer base.”

The motion, colours, and other dynamic aspects of a digital sign gives the medium the ability to attract attention better than a printed sign. Motion is an important factor since the human brain is actually wired to take note of movement. This will guarantee a shoppers attention, even if only for a short while.

Promote Special Offers

You can also use digital signage inside of your establishment to promote special offers or partner businesses. For example, if your business has a reception area or a waiting room, you can put up smaller digital signs that promote your business in different ways. A sign can advertise a special sale on certain services or items. You can also put special welcome messages if you’re hosting a convention or special guest. This form of advertising is effective since the sign will basically be playing to a captive audience.

An article a few years ago in the Telegraph highlighted how signage was, “Minority Report style”, watching shoppers to glean information to help target display messages. The technology is becoming ever-more engaging and clever.

Keep Everyone Informed

Digital signage can also take advantage of broader technology. You can link your signs to pick up emergency alerts from third-parties through special emergency alert software. This will keep your customers updated and safe during an emergency. For example, if there is a storm or other natural disaster, your signs can alert customers to the emergency and possibly guide them to nearby storm shelters or give them other important information. Your indoor signage can also provide customers or clients with updated company information, if you’d like.

If you own an industrial premises, like a warehouse or plant, indoor digital signage can also help communicate messages to all of your employees in a consistent and timely manner. This can work better than mass e-mails or newsletters. For example, you can have digital signs that show production quotas and actual performance numbers, or you can highlight employee accomplishments and milestones.

These are just a handful of benefits that digital signs can provide for your business. Whether you’re looking to attract customers or if you’re just looking to communicate better with your workforce, digital signs can help you get the job done faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.