For the last fifty years, humankind has made a lot of progress towards better lifestyle and higher life standard overall. But, this kind of approach does come up with a price. Most often, modern businessmen are exposed to stress, as a byproduct of a modern times. This fast-paced lifestyle, always being in a constant movement, has left us with a difficult choice – to handle the pressure or to give up on job you are currently working, in order to dedicate to yourself, and thus avoid being stressed. But, what if there is a third road to take? But is there a compromise to make in order to stay on your current job, yet avoid pressure of daily obligations? Here are simple tips on how to avoid constantly being affected by stress, and, in addition, to raise your productivity.


By putting a few plants into your office, your benefit is multiple. First, it is proven that green color is affecting people in a relaxing way, helping to relieve from daily stress. In addition, it will break out office monotony, by giving spirited and spry looks. Also, it will help cleaning the air in the office.


Encourage eco-friendly environment, by using recyclable water bottles, coffee cups, etc. With the conscious about doing that is good for preserving the planet, your employees will be happier, and motivated, as well, for attitude concerning “greater good” is always beneficial. Even, you can go further, and to organize “cleaning” of the office, where the employee who gathers the most recyclable material is rewarded with something symbolic. Here’s a handy guide on how to start an office recycling program.

Sensible Ways To Improve Your Office


Keep your office clean and tidy. There is no worst thing than working in a congested space, for this can create a lot of stress not only on a personal level, but can cause break outs between coworkers. Either hire agency that will clean your office rooms, or organize your employees to keep their close surroundings neat.  Also, bear in mind that jackets, coats, bags etc., need to have a separate room for storing, or at least a common place to hang them out. An open space urges an open mind, meaning that both you and your employees can only benefit from this type of organization.


Avoid using furniture of the same color for all employees. This will sooner or later create “gray” picture in the office, causing monotony, and the effectiveness overall will drop. Keep the office fresh, by using unconventional colors and designs. In a recent conversion with highly-rated suppliers of office workstations, I found out that the offices which were unusual, had steadily grown more and more effective. By keeping changes in the office constant, creativity of their employees remained to grow and develop. Of course, this kind of attitude is highly advisable.

Eventually, it is up to you to decide on which approach you will make up your mind. Important thing to keep in mind is that happiness of your employees is crucial. As long as they are working without added pressure, your company will grow and develop. And this is something every company is craving for, is it not?