When one is getting electricity related work done at home it is always a good idea to get it done from a licensed contractor so that the work is safely done and there is no risk to the family staying in the house. Here are a few steps to choose a licensed electrician.

  • Select the Service that is Needed

There can be various levels of services that an electrician can provide and one should be very careful about what one wants. A meeting prior to the task should be able to clearly identify what are the activities that are needed. Then one can easily negotiate the time required and the cost that will be incurred.

  • Ask Around for Feedback and Reviews

Feedback can be taken from the people who have got some electricity work done earlier in the past few months. This will help choose a reliable person who you can trust with safety of the house and the quality of work that is to be done.

  • Get an Estimate

It is important to have a detailed discussion about the work that is to be done and get a rough estimate of how much will it cost. This costing might include the work that is to be done, the material to be used and also some government regulatory payments. This kind of an estimate will be great to get an understanding of where all can one expect a discount and what all does one necessarily have to pay.

  • Get Insurance

One should try and get an insurance cover for the work that is to be done. It is not a wise idea to take chances with the electric installation at the house. Even though the contractor might be good, an insurance cover can protect against any sort of potential damage and loss that might occur due to faulty components. Asking for a contractor liability certificate is also a good idea. In fact electrical companies Perth provide technicians and contractor liability certificates for all the tasks that they undertake.

  • Get a Point of Contact

Most licensed electricians have a small team that works on various assignments together. It is always a good idea to establish a single point of contact within this team who one can contact for all queries and issues.

  • Negotiate for Cost of the Contract Labour and Material

One can always negotiate on the cost that will be incurred in the contract. It is always a good idea to separately identify all the costs and negotiate up front so that one can get a good deal on the overall price.

  • Get a Warranty Contract Signed for Annual Repair and Maintenance

This means that any cost that will be incurred for the repair and maintenance in the next one to two years will be borne by the contractor. This is also called an AMC or an annual maintenance contract and works out to be cheaper in the long run for regular repair work.