The days following an accident where you’ve been injured when it comes to preserving any evidence you need in order to satisfy any personal injury claim. If you have a personal injury attorney he will want to make sure as much information as possible is presented to him as he navigates through your case. Here, we’ll review a few steps you should take immediately following your accident.

Head Back to the Scene

If possible, make a trip back to the accident scene to find evidence that can help you, and take photos. You may be surprised at what you can find that may not have been so obvious the first time. You may find a worn carpet spot in the area you fell or a sign on the side of the roadway that was too difficult to see due to a low-hanging tree.

When you take photos, shoot them from a few different angles, especially documenting the light as you saw it at the time of the accident. Take photos at the same time so that you can show the same lighting, and if this was a car accident, it’ll show the flow of traffic at that time of day.

Protect the Physical Evidence

Many times the establishing of fault in an accident is done through the preservation of physical evidence, not an actual description of the evidence. Take, for example, someone working in direct sales. He is going to show you actual proof of his item for sale and demonstrate how it works. Providing you with a brief description of the product won’t convince you to buy.

Also, physical evidence can prove the extremity of your injury. The damage to your car can prove just how hard the impact was. If you can’t protect the evidence, take as many photos as you can.

Documenting Your Injuries

You’ll want to have documentation that describes your injuries. See a doctor and have them do a thorough exam, noting any previous injuries and outlining the injuries you’ve sustained in this accident.

Witness Interviews

If you have the names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident, make sure they are able to provide you with a detailed description of the accident as they saw it. They may be called to testify at trial, so it is important you understand their point of view.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Lastly, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you with your claim. The Ladah Law Firm has experience in accident claims and can help you get the compensation you deserve.