Train Eastern And Oriental Express – Luxury Trains Of Asia

The Luxury train Eastern and Oriental Express is in service since 1993. On the road of the pleasures and oriental beauties, the train travels through the railways which pass through Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Laos. Refined travel and luxury, the train allows making the discovery of the greatest landscapes oriental exotic through stopovers in the most beautiful places in Asia. With excursions to the program and the compartments which allow you to enjoy a unique journey, Easter and Oriental Express is the train which allows you to travel in safety and comfort.

n 2 000 km, this luxury train allows to discover the tropical forest, the rice fields and fields of tea. His journey also allows you to go along the edges of the Sea Andaman of the sea of China. The markets, houses on stilts and old colonial villas are also part of the program.

Train Eastern And Oriental Express – Luxury Trains Of Asia

An Interior of a Luxury

Completely restored (its cars were previously part of a luxury train of New Zealand), the interior of the train is decorated with woodwork in teak but also of inlays. The cabins (17 cars) are classified into three distinct categories namely Pullman, State and Presidential Suites. The cabins are entirely wooded and reservations and preferences can be done before the trip. With a panoramic window, each cab allows to take advantage of the beauty of the landscapes that parade. The luxurious cabins have air conditioning, comfortable bedding, a bathroom with washbasin and everything that is necessary. With a delivery of very high quality, a steward is put at the disposal of each customer at any time of the day and of the night. This service is valid during the entire trip even if it extends over several days. The train is designed to accommodate 80 passengers at a minimum with a possibility of very wide on the personal requests.

A Place of Observation with the Wagon Observatory

In order to allow the passengers to take maximum advantage of the landscapes which are offered to them, the train puts at the disposal a wagon arranged for the observation. It is located to the rear of the train and is accessible to any hour of the day and at certain hours of the night. Giving a unique atmosphere in the journey, the car of observation adopts a colonial style. The car has also been built to take advantage of small evenings in enjoying cocktails and live entertainment by the train. The car also gives an opening on the outside to enjoy the journey otherwise. Doing office of Terrace, it is possible to take some photos.

In addition to the sleeper cars, the convoy accounts three cars-restaurants where the meals are evolving with the travel, a car-bar, a lounge-library, as well as a wagon with colonial veranda which allows observing the parade of landscapes.

Compartments Restaurants of the Train

In addition to the cars with compartments, the train offers 3 cars – Restaurants. The kitchen to the inside of the train is proposed by the heads internationally recognized. The menus alternate between Oriental specialties or western. Building the luxury, the gastronomy is a surprising refinement. The dishes are made only for the train with condiments different in function of the seasons. The breakfast is served directly by personnel in the cabins of each traveler and it is essentially composed of fruit, croissants, coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices. Lunch and dinner are, for them, to appreciate in the refined setting of the restaurant of the train Eastern and Oriental Express.

The Destinations and the Itinerary

Focusing on the Asian part between Bangkok and Singapore, the train offers a memorable trip off the beaten track between jungle and plantations as well as the discovery of rural villages. He made stops in large cities but also in the mythical places and disorienting as the beautiful city of Luang Prabang in Laos, classified with the World Heritage of UNESCO or the ancient city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. With various proposals at the discretion of the wandering, the train is also the expectations to take into consideration the requests of customers for the visits to perform. With a good organization, the train Eastern and Oriental Express allows travelers to different nationalities to enjoy a complete travel and prestigious in a true itinerant hotel of luxury.

A Compartment Bar

In the vicinity of the restaurant, the compartment bar is accessible to any hour of the day and at a certain time of the evening. A virtuoso pianist is to the command to give a warm and friendly atmosphere in the bar. The latter offers different drinks with or without alcohol. The continuation of the discovery of the train can be done by an appreciation of a beautiful show at the rear of the train. Built for the occasion, the rear of the train allows you to take advantage of the view to the roof open. With ten-seven compartments in total, the rear of the train gives a last unforgettable spectacle.

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