What can be better than having your own expensive yacht or boat? Well, it is truly an amazing feeling but what one ought to do when it is necessary to ship it to another part of country or even to another country? Our Dubai yacht transport company has an extraordinary solution for this awful problem. Cigisped is a comparatively new company that already has earned trust of hundreds of customers.

What kind of service do you offer for me?

To begin with we want to inform you that we can offer outstanding services to you of yacht shipping in Dubai. In case you have some kind of boat, yacht or one of the various floating crafts we are proud to tell you that we will be able to ship it to any European or Asian city you want.

Any kind of unreachable destination for you and your yacht we can aid you to get there without any problem at all.

Can I trust your company and be sure that my boat will be safe during the shipping?

Cigisped has been certified and there are plenty of satisfied customers who left reviews on our web-site about the quality of the received services. Our main and curtail priority is the safety of your yacht. We do realize how important it is for you and we will do anything we can in order to get it on time.

By all means it will be damaged-free and safe through the whole shipping process.

Even if you have a very tight-schedule and strict deadline you can be sure that no matter what we will cope with delivering of your boat in time that we have planned in advance.

Some customers do not find it important to measure their bats in advance and to specify the size of it while filling the form on our web-site. But please pay attention that it is extremely important for you to do so. The main reason is that we have to plan your shipping in advance (it is better to do so in several weeks).

Keep in mind that if for some reasons you are not satisfied with our service you are free to complain about any kind of bloopers. And we will be glad to improve our service according to your advice and complaints.

Fortunately that had never happened that somebody was not glad with our work.

Can you ship my boat in a very sensitive region in Asia?

By all means we can do that, do not hesitate and order a shipping of your boat on our web-site. Even if you need your yacht to be shipped to Germany, Spain, Greece or any other country we can do that for you in no time.

Our company specializes on shipping yachts and various floating crafts all over the globe, to Dubai and out of it.

How long have you been transporting ships?

We have been on the market for over 30 years, and you can see that we have done a great job during this whole time. The whole experience has been working to our advantages. You will be astonished to discover that we have hundreds of potential customers who usually require our service time after time. There are so many boat-shows and the participants need is to shop their yachts and boats regularly from one place to the other. And we are always glad to aid them with this.

The main reason for you to choose our company is that we usually keep to our schedule and we are totally reliable in every matter. Even if your yacht is massive or the destination is too far we can promise you that your yacht will be there on time.

In case you still have any questions about commercial yacht shipping you are more than welcome to call our company and ask us any kind of question at all.

And in conclusion we want to highlight the fact that our Cigisped Company can ship any kind of yachts regardless of its weight and destination. By all means the price of shipping depends directly on the value and size of your boat. With us there is no point to worry about the fact whether or not your yacht will make it on time. Please trust us with our precious floating transport and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Call us and tell the date you want your yacht to be shipped.