Duvalier Supporters Crash Amnesty International Press Conference Calling for Dictator’s Prosecution

Above, one of Jean-Claude Duvalier’s lawyers, Reynold Georges, attempts to shout over Gerardo Ducos, a researcher for Amnesty International, as he speaks to reporters today about his organization’s call for prosecuting the former dictator.

Below, audio of a small portion of the yelling by Georges and one of his associates, along with comments from James Burke, an Amnesty International campaigner for the Caribbean, and later Georges again. (MP3)

Update: Here’s Amnesty Int’l’s official response to what happened: “Jean-Claude Duvalier’s lawyers and a dozen of his supporters tried to gag Amnesty International and Haitian journalists during the presentation of the organization’s report ‘You cannot kill the truth’: The case against Jean-Claude Duvalier, on 22 September in Port-au-Prince.”

3 thoughts on “Duvalier Supporters Crash Amnesty International Press Conference Calling for Dictator’s Prosecution”

  1. Amnesty International is a great individual prosecutor. I’d like to see them take the UN as an opponent and tackle them on the CHOLERA issue.

  2. This storming of the talk (by Raynald George, Osner Fevry and other duvalierists) occured on the heels of a recent “march” held by the ex-FAd’H: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDAOcr39fqM

    It is interesting that these guys storming the talk referred to the Amnesty International report as “divisive”– and used other language similar to Martelly’s rhetoric about disorder that human rights studies and viewpoints of the press supposedly create..

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