Audio: Haitian Views on President Martelly’s First 100 Days

City Mosaic

I spoke to some Haitians in displacement camps – living there since about the time of January 12, 2010 earthquake – about President Michel Martelly’s first 100 days in office. They voice their perspectives in this story for Free Speech Radio News broadcast on Friday:

Download the MP3. You can also hear an archived interview with me about Haiti and WikiLeaks from KOOP Radio’s People United program here – my part starts at the 37 minute mark.

Camp kids playing Mortal Kombat

4 thoughts on “Audio: Haitian Views on President Martelly’s First 100 Days”

  1. WHY are they playing Mortal Combat???

    Same as poor areas of U.S.–kids can’t read–dont want to.
    Only play pc games..all their lives..then they learn to text..but
    only 3 letters words….Can
    ‘t read/can’t reason. Everything from Haiti is one heart break after
    another. Who needs books? Why bother? Computer games better!
    Same every school….

    1. Cecilia, I’m pretty sure that Mona and William, two of the camp leaders, are organizing worthwhile activities for the kids beyond video games (which are fun). They’re musicians and artists.

  2. Thank you Ansel for this kind report about Cite Mosaic. I am a very good friend of Mona’s, we play together in the same band: . Just to let you know that this camp is now being threatened for the 4th time to be evicted and the mayor of Delmas is only giving each family, that’s if they actually get it, the equivalent of $125 per family. This cannot do anything for them, this is a despicable land grab probably by a big bank. I just thought I would let you know about the camp since you wrote about it and you are right that Mona and William did a lot more than just let the kids play games. He is in the process of making a film, if the camp stays long enough, to discourage parents from beating their children, it’s a beautiful idea for a terrible epidemic! Anyway, thank you again for your coverage of their camp.

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