Audio: KUOW panel discussion on Haiti (returning there in May)

A quick update: I left Haiti last week for Seattle. I’m in Washington DC now speaking to a few policymakers/staff about the dysfunction of the relief effort. I’ll be in NYC later this week, then Austin, then back to Port-Au-Prince in May.

I spoke at a few venues in Seattle, but I want to pass on this live radio chat from yesterday morning on 90.3FM KUOW’s Weekday program. Host Steve Scher interviewed me, NPR sometime-Haiti correspondent Martin Kaste, and longtime Haiti relief worker Jack Andrew. There was some back and forth at times, and knowledgeable talk about how Haiti got to where it was before the quake. I learned some things! Listen below, or at KUOW’s page. Skip ahead to around the 12 minute mark past the pledge drive.

MP3 here. Let me know in the comments if there are messages you want me to pass on to folks here in DC…

Update: I also spoke (a little more openly about the political problems in Haiti) to 91.3FM KBCS’s One World Report last week, scroll down and find the clip here.

8 thoughts on “Audio: KUOW panel discussion on Haiti (returning there in May)”

  1. Ansel, I want to hear this show, but all I get is a pledge drive. And the player that you have on the page is not working in my browser. NPR’s link is not working either.

  2. Well done, Ansel. You got in some good, substantive political content. I wish the interviewer had asked you more about US (and French and Canadian) complicity, how it has shaped Haitian society, its class and social structure, and how that has determined response to the earthquake.


  3. Ansel, SO amazing to hear truth aired, this is what people need to be hearing. Good luck speakin more of the good stuff to power in DC…looking forward to more updates, & rock on!

  4. I agree with David here — great story, Ansel. I have been attached to this story since the quake and your honest reporting is responsible. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for these updates, Ansel. I should have looked sooner. It is difficult to determine what may be progressing (or digressing) as media interest wanes. I am hoping, as efforts begin to promote support of Haitian revival by Haitians and the government is empowered to lead such an effort, that the importance of education and particularly Haitian Kreyol education, is recognized as critical to the revival (for the first time since JB Aristide tried in this effort more than a decade ago). Also, I’m wondering what you and others think about the implications of the Politico claim that US aid to Haiti is wrapped in the war funding.

  6. Hi Ansel,

    On behalf of the Haitian people, I would like to thank you for honest reporting on Haiti.

    For centuries, there has been a very sustained and deliberate campaign of misinformation, disinformation, no information on Haiti and the Haitian people in the western mainstream media.

    Please let me know when you are going to be in the Seattle area again.

  7. Hey Ansel- Great job. Dude, several of my media activist friends can’t stand the host of The Conversation, but I thought he was attentive at least. He seemed pretty touchy about getting into anything historical, which makes sense when you’re short on time I suppose, but what is the latest with Aristide? Is there any justification for not “allowing” all candidates to run in upcoming elections? Do natural disasters mean that lousy governments get to stay in office indefinitely? Thank you for shedding light on so many stories in such a human way. I always look for updates when I’m posting links to breaking news on Starting this coming weekend I’ll be working Sat/Sun/Wed so as you report, I will try to find you more clicks. One thing I’ve learned there is that “world news” gets far less clicks than Sarah Palin…

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