Audio: No help forthcoming for Haitian journalists determined to keep broadcasting

The radio hooked up outside my moto driver’s house

Here’s my story for yesterday’s Free Speech Radio News newscast, about Haitian radio broadcasters doing their best to stay on the air in the quake’s aftermath without any outside support. MP3. Video later.

Kudos to the BBC
for making its broadcasts available in Creole for free. Didn’t get a chance to check out Signal FM, but the Committee to Protect Journalists has an interesting account of how they stayed on the air during the quake. MediaShift reports that only 10 out of 50 Port-Au-Prince radio stations are currently broadcasting.

A text version of this story was printed by Inter-Press Service.

3 thoughts on “Audio: No help forthcoming for Haitian journalists determined to keep broadcasting”

  1. Concerning Ansel’s story about the radio stations, Radio Metropole can be heard in the U.S. via streaming audio at

    Before the earthquake, Radio Solidarite was also available as streaming audio but it doesn’t seem to be working, although the web page is still available at I assume it will be up again soon.

    Valuable resources, I’d think, for the Haitian diaspora.

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