Podcast (now with pictures): Austin Marchers Demand Justice for Iran

Protests coordinated by United4Iran were held in over 150 cities yesterday around the world in solidarity with the movement against the Khameini and Ahmadinejad government.

Update: Thanks again to Pouya (Flickr) for sharing his photos of the event. I’ve packaged some of Pouya’s pictures together with my audio report in the video above .

MP3. Feel free to share and re-broadcast. Transcript with links and more information below the jump.

This is a Mediahacker.org podcast recorded on July 26, 2009.

Thousands of people around the world hit the streets yesterday to say, “We have not forgotten Iran.” In June allegations of widespread fraud in the presidential election triggered a grassroots Iranian uprising in Tehran and other cities. The Iranian government unleashed a torrent of violent repression on the movement. While cell phone-images of dying and injured Iranians have faded from television screens, Iranian-Americans here in Austin, Texas, say the crisis is not over.


Most of Faye Amanifar’s family lives in Iran. She’s lived in Austin for the past twenty years. She said the Iranian protests are not about the election itself or the leading opposition candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi.


About 200 [maybe 300?] people joined Faye in marching from City Hall over the bridge to Auditorium Shores at dusk. [Audio] Snehal Shingavi, an assistant professor at the University of Texas, said democracy in Iran could only come from a grassroots movement.


When the now-disputed president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was last in the United States, he famously said this:


W. H. and his partner drove three hours from Houston to attend the rally.

[Audio] [More information at http://www.irqr.net.]

Darkness fell shortly after the green-colored mass of marchers crossed the bridge. With just one light illuminating a makeshift stage, two young men played traditional Persian music for the crowd. [Music]

This has been a Mediahacker.org podcast.

Extended video on Youtube and more photos at Pouya’s photostream.

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