7 White Rappers Way Better than Eminem and Asher Roth

Hip-hop was born of racial consciousness. You can’t divide hip-hop from the social and political circumstances from which it came. There may be new occupants in this house called hip-hop. Most of the people who built this house of hip-hop would say, everybody is welcome in this house, but the people who built it were people of color… you go into somebody’s house, then you gotta respect that. If you don’t have that [racial] humility, you won’t have the foundation that provides.

I’m not sure that Eminem and Asher Roth occupy a healthy space in the “house of hip-hop,” as Dan Charnas calls it in Jay Smooth’s latest video.

Eminem’s new album, rehashing his ‘Slim Shady’ persona, is another narcissistic ode to hyper-violence shot through with a strong dose of misogyny (he calls Mariah Carey a ‘cunt’). Roth’s debut “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” is a celebration of the apathetic college slacker lifestyle. He recently joked about Don Imus’ racist tirade against the Rutgers women’s basketball team before performing there, then made some asinine comments criticizing “black rappers.” I think both of their albums suck, frankly.

Charnas is right. White folks need to have, at the very least, some humility before they claim space in hip-hop. Creative talent ought to be a requirement too. Unfortunately, a lot of people are talking about Eminem and Asher Roth, who arguably aren’t showing much of either right now, as if they’re the only white emcees in the game. Here are a few white (male) rappers I’ve been listening to (and broadcasting on KVRX) for a while – each producing positive, quality hip-hop. I’m from the West Coast, which I guess explains the bias to that part of the country in this selection.


This guy from Tacoma, Washington put out an incredible mixtape two years ago with DJ Reign (go download it now!). I don’t know much more about him beyond that. He says on his Myspace that he’s hard at work on his debut album. “Dirty Clean,” his tribute to street artists everywhere, is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Brother Ali

Brother Ali is probably the best known out of this bunch. He’s an albino, nearly blind Muslim born and raised in the Midwest. His critically-acclaimed 2007 album, “The Undisputed Truth,” is an in-your-face mix of political and personal declarations about life in America. It reached #69 on the Billboard charts. Here’s “Uncle Sam Goddamn.”


Toby, with Tunji (who is black), make up the Los Angeles group Inverse. I caught an interview with them on KUBE 93’s Sound Session earlier this year and was struck by how down-to-earth they both were. Their latest EP (download!) has a deep, rich sound, with the two of them showing love for L.A. and the Cali sun. Here’s “Spark My Soul” featuring Substantial.

R.A. Scion

They might talk slow in the Southern heartlands, but R.A. Scion, who grew up in Kentucky, has the fastest and densest flow here. I honestly can’t follow him half the time, so I visit his blog to read through his complex and profound lyrics. With DJ Sabzi he forms ‘Common Market.” Here’s their latest song, “Tobacco and Snow Covered Roads,” produced seemingly on a whim during an especially snowy day this past winter in Seattle. He’s a far easier to follow on this track than usual.


Grynch quotes Langston Hughes In the first line of the first song I ever heard from him. So I knew immediately this 23-year-old rapper, also from Seattle, was on point. Apparently Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ hooked him on hip-hop at age 10 and he released his first album during his senior year in high school. Here’s the song I mentioned, called “I’m A Dreamer” featuring Geologic and Thig Natural, off his recent ‘Something More’ EP (download!).


“Helping people understand the things they can’t see” is his motto. Portland-based Braille spits what’s on his mind and you can tell he really means ever word he says. His latest project involves raising money to donate 30,000 copies of his latest record to at-risk and incarcerated youth. “That Feeling,” which describes his ever-changing but always strong relationship with hip-hop, is below.


These guys are also from Los Angeles. Don’t know much about ’em except that they met in college and make smooth, accessible music. Here’s “Higher (Breathe).”

Made it this far? Here’s a mix to download of the tracks listed above.


I want to mention that I hesitated to publish this post at all. Jay Smooth interviewed a white guy for his thoughts about Asher Roth, now I’ve published a list of white guys as an alternative to Roth, Eminem and their ilk. What started as a conversation about whiteness in hip-hop is now… a conversation by white guys about other white guys in hip-hop, at least on this part of the Internet. The voices of people of color should to be central here and they’re not.

So I’m not saying you should listen to the guys listed above instead of Roth and Eminem. Listen to whoever you want, and if you like good hip-hop, odds are those artists will be people of color. I don’t think the house of hip-hop needs white people at all, in fact it would probably be better off without us. POC built the house and they’re keeping it strong, despite what Nas said a few years ago.

On the other hand, the reality is there are probably more white consumers of hip-hop now than ever before. I’m one of them. And I feel like it’s important for me and Jay Smooth and anyone else to say to other (white) folks, “If white people are going to be a part of hip-hop at all, they ought to be humble about it and play a positive role.” I think the guys above are generally doing that, so they deserve the spotlight more than Em and Roth – but not necessarily more than anyone else.

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      1. Chris Webby is the most underrated rapper in the game! Farrr better then Asher, not as smooth as Mac Miller but he has intellectual realistic lyrics and INSANE punch lines. Plus one of the best freestylers ever (he’s Fortheburbs on YouTube) But for real, I’m not just some groupie. Check him out on Datpiff, YouTube and he also has an ep on itunes now. Definitely worth your time! Honestly

  1. 1st: Eminem is crazy talented and was very well-respected in the underground before Dre made him a superstar. He was every underground fan’s favorite rapper in ’97 and everybody else’s in ’98. I never cared for his major label stuff but I’ve always respected the man’s gift.
    2nd: Why make race an issue at all? That’s an old, outdated, and useless paradigm. It’s a distraction from the art. It’s a useless, divisive game.

    If you flip it, and talk about classical music, do people of color “need to have, at the very least, some humility before they claim space” in Baroque? Of course not. Calling someone a white rapper is as silly as calling someone an Asian cellist.

    #3 Another man coming up is Chuck Brown. I just found out about him the other week from my Jersey cats. FWIW, I think he’s got the talent to do things and like most talented rappers, he just need to get fed the right beats and it coud really happen for him. (www.myspace.com/chuckbrownlyrics)

    1. I agree with that. Race isn’t an issue. Im from Seattle so I know most of the rappers you just listed and have seen them on stage. I agree Common Market and Grynch and some of these other guys u listed have talent, but the Seattle sound is kind of its own form of rap. You can’t really compare Eminem to these guys because it is a completely different kind of rap. Eminem puts a lot of anger and passion into his songs while Seattle rappers have more of a relaxing and emotional feel to them. Lyrically, Eminem is one of the best rappers on the planet and although Grynch and these other guys rap about important issues rather than sex and drugs, Eminem’s play on words is on another level. His metaphors and puns are incredible. So although, I think these guys have some talent, there is a reason why many consider Eminem to be the best rapper on the planet.

    2. Yeah really “people who built it were people of color… you go into somebody’s house, then you gotta respect that.” So black people have to respect almost everything else in America made before 1870? wtf im not racist but if u think that then u might be. No one has to disrespect anyone or respect anyone. They just need to leave them be and give them freedom.

      Thank you

      1. Brad, could you possibly be referring to all of the things in this country that were actually BUILT by Black people (a.k.a. Slaves)?

        I think you should rethink that one.

        We need to respect all of our innovators. We give props to the “founding fathers” for making this country. But the people who actually made the cities and monuments we love today were of color. Respect that.

        Thank you.

    3. As an Artist and a Hip-Hop head myself. Hate to tell you this. But he’s accurate with what he says about coming correct. The history of Music will show you the roots of almost all music (like your classical reference) filter through something melanated (we don’t refer to ourselves as colored. We would rather be called black or American. Listen to or read Smokey Robinson on Being Black. Being called, “colored” is old!). So for that reason you need to come humble as you enter into this house if you’re not melanated. It’s just basic respect. The music has been infiltrated enough by garbage(I wont get to deep into that because you would probably call it a conspiracy theory). We don’t need more. Positive images is what we need as whole in society. So if you’re going to interject yourself in this music period. Then you need to evaluate what you’re portraying. Because S*** covered in chocolate is still S***! Em is talented and has made some great mainstream music. But that’s all I can say, “He has some!”

      Now Hip-Hop is dead was an accurate statement to tell people to wake up. People just missed the hint. Half of the listeners don’t even realize that the music they’re listening to is not by choice. But designed that way by the Billion Dollar industry and we just become drones to what they say is nice. That’s why we still have a strong underground presence in Hip-Hop! They don’t care about that seen because it doesn’t affect there bottom line. And the moment the audience starts to follow someone underground to much. They find some way to wash them down in the main stream and leave you saying I use to listen to them. But thanks for showcasing all these Artist. I’ll check them out now.

  2. Oy, Jay. You need some racism 101, stat! I think Eric Holder was talking about guys like you in that speech. Watch the full interview with Charnas, then peruse the following. When you’re done, hopefully you’ll see why your analogy to classical music and the rest of your comment like, totally fails.

    http://www.illdoctrine.com/2008/03/being_over_race.html (skip to the 1:00 mark if you want)

    1. How is him stating racial equality a “fail”? You morons were the ones who brought up the race topic to begin with XD What does Eminem being white have to do with rap? He’s an insanely talented lyricist and unless you’re retarded, that kinda sorta makes him a good rapper. I think you’ve all just grown tired of the attention he’s gotten and that’s why you’re lashing out on him. Don’t blame the man for becoming a superstar. He had a dream and pursued it. I guarantee that if one of these guys got super famous and had been in the game for 10+ years, you’d be saying the same thing about them. Reflect on why you dislike someone before spewing a bunch of bullshit about them.

    2. Racism is thinking you’r less racist then the previous poster… And all those blogs/links to discussions like this one is pretty useless, ‘we’re not racist’ but making threads about ‘how we’re not racist’ in 2014, wake up ppl, thats like saying daily to a gay guy that u dont mind him being gay… it’s pretty obvious your antigay in that case, now watch how this example could be applied to all your comments. If u really aren’t racist, race wouldn’t be an issue like this and the first thing u would do as a person who tolerates and respects a lot is rescpeting other ppl’s opinions and not saying they’re racist for thinking some way, cause honestly everyone is racist and no one is… as a bastard child from 2 different races i can tell u that even the nobel price winner for tolerance wouldn’t know how to approach me, so pls just stop these kind of discussions…

  3. You named 7 white rappers better than em and asher, and you don’t include kid cudi??

    No, but seriously, to omit R.A. the Rugged Man from that list is unconscionable. Also, an upstart from Philly calling himself Big City Philadelphia pretty much tears apart anyone on that list, including em and asher. I’m glad at least someone ripped on em – he’s barely even a rapper. He’s a corny comic word-molester.

  4. Ansel: I agree with Dan Charnas on most every point and was echoing his sentiment that Eminem, Serch, and the Beasties were not separate but part of the whole. And obviously, I agree with showing respect to the founders of hip hop.

    In fact, the only thing I disagree with is this idea of ‘racial’ humility (which you added in brackets to his quote on top). Humility to those that came before you is appropriate in anything in life but to make race a separate, more emphasized, part of that isn’t helpful. Respect them for their struggle. Respect them for their circumstances. Respect them for their influences. Respect them for their contributions. Respect them for their culture. But respect them as people and as individuals.

    Does racism still exist? Of course, but what’s the point in encouraging a dichotomy based on race by making statements like this?

    “…if you like good hip-hop, odds are those artists will be people of color.”

    It’s difficult for me to understand how emphasizing your, or another person’s, race lessens racism somehow. I’m not saying ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist, but don’t bestow power to it. To me, that’s racism.

    Lastly, I find it hilarious that you implied I was being racist, or at the very least insensitive. God forbid, there be a comment with an opposing viewpoint! Please…

    And don’t patronize me by sending me to a bunch of blogs that you agree with. I don’t need your BS homework to know how to respect people. If you like, I can link you to a bunch of blogs that I agree with, too. Or better yet, some anti-patronization blogs. If you disagree, why not tell me what you think? By evading the question, it creates the appearance that your own thoughts can’t withstand scrutiny.

  5. Thanks Jay, this is a comment I can engage with.

    I dismissed your first one as soon as I read this line: “Why make race an issue at all? That’s an old, outdated, and useless paradigm.” You invited my kind of reply with that statement. You seem to be pulling back from the brink on that point a bit, but you’ve really got to abandon the idea entirely if we’re going to get anywhere in this conversation.

    I don’t know if you were too offended by my comment to look through the links. Here’s a choice quote from Jay Smooth:

    There’s been a lot of talk about how people are post racial and over the race thing. But people seem to relate to being over race as if it means, we never have to talk about race again. And whenever the topic comes up, people shut the conversation down like, “We don’t have to talk about race cuz we’re over that. We’re post -racial.” NO, you’re not. Trying to be post-racial is like trying to be colorblind – it’s impossible to achieve and it’s not even a good idea to begin with.

    Being over something doesn’t mean that you never talk about it again. If you want to avoid talking about something that means you’re not over it. You’re only over something when you feel perfectly fine discussing it whenever it comes up.

    Agreed? If so, lemme know and I’ll get back to you on the rest of your comment.

  6. I stand by that ‘why make race an issue’ statement and my classical musician analogy. In classical music culture, race does not define anyone or qualify their talent. People are judged on their performance and ability. I don’t think anyone would argue that hip hop, and everything else for that matter, would not benefit from a similar perspective. (I’m not saying all aspects of classical music from the beginning of time until now were void of racism but, as far as the present is concerned, race is irrelevant in the face of ability.)

    I went to all the websites just to see what you thought I desperately needed help understanding. I didn’t read every line of every page but I did listen to the entire Jay Smooth video.

    I get what Jay Smooth is saying, though I think his interpretation of what post-racial means is, at best, unconstrained. Basically, I think he sees it to mean ignoring all differences as if they don’t exist. I thought the term meant respecting all differences (I don’t claim to be an authority on its definition… I think it’s a weak term to begin with).

    By not clarifying what it was prior to attacking it, he begins to attack points I’m not sure are even issues. For example, I’m not sure who he thinks is trying to suppress discussion on race because people think the world is “post-racial” now. I’ve heard comedians say stuff like that but not anyone I thought actually meant it. Also, I think his ‘trying to be colorblind’ analogy is not quite apt since I don’t see how being post-racial is “not even a good idea.” However, I think most of my disagreement with him revolves around the ambiguity of the term ‘post-racial.’ I think we agree on most substantive points.

  7. I just want to say that I listened to every song you posted and where most of them are pretty talented they are not even close to Eminem’s level. To claim that these 7 guys are better than Em makes your opinion on this matter null in void.

    1. This kid from the Chi , NAPALM, born Craig Steven Palm, is sicker than aiiids and has already been touted by local mags as the next superstar that will come out of the Second City. After picking up a pen only a lil over a year ago, (a college grad and a 9 to 5 salesman by day), he dominates the club scene in Chi and stays true to his roots of being broke, partying for days straight, struggle, and has plethora of women.

      Listen to his VERBAL MURDER of Assser Roth on “Put Me in the Same Room.” Flow is glued to the beat and it’s laced with punch after punch over Dre’s instro of “Lay Low.” Remember the name….NAPALM…fa real.


    2. i totally agree. where you might have a point eminem has highly explicit lyrics, he still has more talent than all of those white rappers put together

    3. i completely agree, eminem is way above any of these guys. hes basically untop of every rapper at this point. he is a lyrical genius and he is so creative. all around eminem is one of the greatest of all time.

  8. Yea, of course the Kid Cudi thing was a joke. Iron Solomon also tears anyone on that list up – including Em and Asher. And let’s not forget Kain Cioffie who used to be on Bad Boy. Kain is still around and can hang with anyone lyrically.

    I would say a good start to a new and improved list would go: Iron Solomon, Kain, Ra the Rugged Man, Big City Philadelphia.

  9. hahaha get a clue you joke numbers speak for themselves eminem is extremely talented if these other rappers are good but not on the same pedastool. #1 hip hop artist seller of all time point blank period

  10. No, obviously Eminem is a more successful recording artist BECAUSE he makes better songs. But that’s got more to do with Dre’s cultivation of Em as a recording artist, and not Em’s natural ability as a rapper. A guy like Iron Solomon is light years ahead of Em as far as wordplay and rhyming. But Iron can’t make a dope song – he needs to hook up with a dope producer first and learn the ropes of song making.

    1. your an idiot, now i understand that my comment here is late but still. Eminem had to be good for a producer as big as Dre to pick him up. I don’t see Dre goin out and picken your boys up. Eminem raps about what he’s been through, about whats on his mind, and puts it into a rhyme thats incredible. How can you say that a guy, who probably isn’t even featured on itunes, is light years a head of a lyrical genius.
      From where I come from it just sounds like your trying to be provocative.

      1. Man WTF thse guys arent anything compared to Eminem or even Asher Roth. I love hip hop and these guys are wack point blank I’m done….

      2. ^^^ agreed!
        My comment is late as well. How can u say that EMinem’s success is because of Dre? The only thing that Dre really did for Em was give him a chance when no one else would. Personally, I think that Eminem, especially in recent years, has passed up Dre by a long shot. Dre has been on hiatus for 10 years. We get a single once and while but nothing since the Chronic 2001. Eminem has gone platinum time and time again. Not to mention Shade 45, Shady Records, and 8 Mile? If you compare Dre and Eminem’s career (in recent years) Eminem has out performed Dre in almost every aspect. Dre had his time with NWA and he dominated the 90’s but to say that Eminem’s success is from Dre’s cultivation of his stuff is just outright crazy. Eminem is lyrically on another level. WHen is the last time anyone called out Eminem? Nobody will because he will destroy viritually any rapper in the game.Just ask Nick Cannon.lol

  11. Ansel,

    where are the women? Check out Invincible from Detroit. She is bad-ass, conscious of her white privilege and rhymes about important issues like misogyny, the digital divide and Palestinian Rights.


    Though I agree with the addendum of your post that this conversation of white people (me too) discussing good white hip-hop artists may not be necessary and white consumers of hip-hop need to know it’s history and that it is an art created by people of color.

  12. To the folks saying talking up Eminem, Ill Bill, Iron Solomon – yeah, they’re all talented, but I lose patience with misogynistic and violent lyrics extremely quickly.

    Matt, I couldn’t think of a single white female rapper. I’ve heard Invincible refer to herself as Israeli and I’m not sure if she identifies as white or not.

    This one of the most highly-trafficked posts on the site right now, so I’ll have a follow-up soon with other non-white/male emcees.

  13. Okay, these guys are no where near Eminem’s level. You might not like Eminem’s lyrics because they are too violent or what not, but that has nothing to do with pure talent. Take the song “Insane” from Relapse for example. Eminem uses 8 different styles of delivery. You’ll never see two songs in a row on one of his albums that are the same. Further, you cannot just dismiss a song as meaningless just because it is violent. Eminem has deep meaning in many of his songs if you really listen to them.

    If you are sick of the violent lyrics and gangster rap that is common in the main stream, then check out Hyperaptive. Now there is a rapper with skill. He disses gangster rappers and his change in delivery is as good if not better than Eminem’s. Plus, he’s underground yet makes his own beats and is very good at it. Now, if you wanna say Hyper is better than Eminem that’s a good discussion, though you’ll have to download his free mix tape to really get a feel for his talent. http://www.myspace.com/hyperaptive

    As far as the Rappers you listened. I went to some of their myspace pages and most of them only have 1, 2, or 3 styles of delivery and none drastically different from the others. Check out Hyper and then get back to me.

  14. doc brown i agree with a few picks on ur list, but ur either forgetting or dont know about shark. italian rapper from the bronx on some uptown mafioso hip hop, and it’s good shit. my list:

    1. shark
    2. ra the rugged man
    3. big city philadelphia
    4. iron solomon
    5. kain

  15. You can’t possibly sit here and tell me that anyone of those white rappers could sit in a studio and flow as good as Eminem does in “Stay Wide Awake.”

    Eminem is timeless.
    For 11 years now, Eminem has been putting out multi-platinum records. Listen to all of the records. From Infinite to Relapse.

    I’d like to see any rapper you just listened to replicate the sound Eminem has in any of his best songs, let alone write a song equally as complicated.

    Eminem doesn’t rhyme words, he rhymes phrases.

    And I’ll be honest, Relapse isn’t an album that I’m going to put on repeat in my stereo, but it is the album that I’ll listen to and drop my jaw in awe. I think he could have came with some better songs, but that is possibly the best flow I’ve ever heard in my life.

    And as for Asher Roth, I really don’t see what all the hype is about. I think his record is decent, but obviously he is only known because of “I Love College.”

    I think as soon as Asher Roth is too old to be the college/party boy that he markets himself as, he will just be forgotten.

  16. all these guys rhyme phrases, not just em. but when it comes to rap, word choice is so important. and em has a very low standard for his word choice. he basically plays with rhyming words and phrases first, and worries about meaning, impact, grace, metaphor and general poeticism last. this is the reason em blew up – because his sort of art is very much dumbed down for a mass audience. but even his more serious stuff really fails for me. i mean, i can list hundreds of amazing rap quotables from so many different artists, but i never heard one hard hitting eminem line out of all his material. nothing. now take a guy like kain cioffie. every song has creative and hard hitting quotables that contribute something to hip hop. and when i say hip hop, i don’t mean bullshit underground backpack spoken word rap. i mean fly shit. eminem doesn’t know anything about that. i know most rap fans love eninem, and im in the minority here, but it never stops blowing my mind that he won so many people over. i honestly think (and don’t be insulted by this – though i guess that’s unavoidable) that anyone who takes eminem seriously as a rapper is either weak minded and follows general trends, or they don’t really understand what rap is, or both.

    1. Calm down with the the irrational, unsupportable hyperbole, buddy. If you can write with a straight face that you’ve “Never heard one hard hitting Eminem line out of all his material. Nothing,” then you lack a fundamental understanding of what a hard-hitting line is. I won’t bother wasting time listing a bunch of them, though there are dozens from which to choose; I’ll just give you one. If you don’t think this is a “hard-hitting line,” you’re a simpleton. From a track which, though not remotely near the level of his better songs, not only has solid rhymes and flow, but also a powerful message, We as Americans:

      I don’t rap for dead presidents / I’d rather the see the President dead / It’s never been said, but I set precedents

      If that line, which was a potential felony, doesn’t qualify as hard-hitting, rap has never had a hard-hitting line. Although Eminem had case-law on his side (particularly Watts v. United States, 394 U.S. 705 (1969)), given the political climate of the time and the widespread hatred of President George W. Bush, the DOJ could have filed felony charges against him as a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 871, which carries a potential five-year prison sentence. The statute, as it appears in the United States Code, criminalizes threats of bodily harm against the President.

      Traditionally, this law is only applicable in cases in which a person makes a direct threat against the President; however, it was not outside the realm of possibility that the Attorney General could have sought an indictment in this case by arguing that, considering Eminem’s celebrity status and enormous popularity within American society as a whole at the time, and understanding the increased weight of his words with regard to influencing the actions of others, this could be considered a threat by proxy, which encourages others to fulfill his wish by assassinating the President.

      However, in this case, the Secret Service conducted a lengthy, thorough investigation before deciding not to take legal action. Social Security spokesman John Gill stated that they were “Concerned about communications that can be interpreted in a manner perhaps not intended by the artist,” citing the “Potential peripheral impact that such lyrics can have on other individuals”. This seems to indicate that the statute may be utilized in a wider variety of cases in the future.

      Also, in case you doubt the power of celebrities to modify the behavior of their fans, particularly those who are mentally ill, don’t forget, John Hinckley attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan in 1981 in an attempt to impress Jodie Foster, who had merely expressed her dislike of the President.

  17. 45cali, the major reason why Eminem and Asher Roth are so big is that they relate to other people. Most rap is about what its like in the hood which relates to a small minority and is so over used its boring. Eminem raps about his mom, his ex, celebrities, and addictions. Generally things that most people can relate to in some way. Asher speaks to college students. The main music buying demographic is ages 13-25. Teens tend to think people just a bit older than them are interesting so raping about college draws in high school kids too.

    I listened to 4 kain tracks that were on his myspace page and though that isn’t really enough to rate a rapper, he failed for me in the fact that it felt like he was trying to hard and it wasn’t natural. Take Eminem’s song “Kim”. You have to listen careful to realize he is actually rapping. That’s unique and feels a lot more real than most other raps. Also, his conversations with Dre in “Guilty Consensus” and his arguing with the demon in “My Darling” are great examples of rap feeling real and natural. I’ll admit, songs like “We Made You” are crap. No rapper puts out a great track every time.

  18. i randomly came across this, and found all of these rappers interesting, though I have never heard of any of them except for Brother Ali, who i think is great. As far as what doc brown was saying about eminem in making better songs, of course hes better!! I mean the general public hears about people from SONGS on the radio and/or internet, so therefore its SONGS who make rappers. Yes, there are rappers who are more talented than others but don’t get heard cuz their songs suck. Perfect example in my book, Nas…great rapper, even eminem said he Nas was a heavy influence when he came up, but Nas doesn’t make great radio songs or a bunch of great “general public will like this” songs on his albums. But if you really listen to hiphop or rap, you can respect Nas and his wordplay and rhyme schemes. Unfortunately, and I’d have to dig to find who actually said this but, “Nas couldn’t chose a good beat to save his own life” and that is so true! Nas is a great rapper but his beat selection is horrible. Look at Game, hes an OK rapper, but his beat selection is great, at least on his first album. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that there are great lyricists, encees , and rappers, but not many are all 3. Many people say that the top 5 , in no particular order is , Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z and Eminem. According to Em in Til I collapse “Reggie (redman), Jay-Z, Tupac, and Biggie, Andre from Outkast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me (Himself)” so its hard to say, jus like anything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Of course there are great lyricist and rappers that no one has ever heard of, or maybe never will, you can rap crazy lyrics but if the beat sucks or it suck as a “song” then it doesn’t matter. Its just like talking about a super-athletic footbal player who is super fast/strong/quick/ but isn’ a great “football player” and their are great “football player” (s) who aren’t very athletic….things just have to come together in the right combination for the general public to like them or for them to be considered “great” or “complete.” Also, there are a ton of white rappers better than Asher Roth, but I like him because he makes good songs, also his album sucks compared to his mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect. Yeah his wordplay and all that shit isn’t great, but it goes together with the beats and whatnot…..PS, hes not white but has anyone ever heard of , and if so what do you think of, Royce Da 5’9”?? Was great friends with Em, and could probably outdue him on a song, but hasn’t “blown up” like i think he should . can’t believe i just now found this site, good discussion though!!

  19. Can – u was terrible, Ali guy has a great voice. the rest of the guys sound like that typical underground political socially aware mumbo jumbo, which is hard to believe since their white. I’m brown, i hate shit. we need gothic rap. nick cave meets lil wayne in the bowels of some vernacular genius. I like my rap studid. I’m allready pretentious with books, films, and i have a graduate degree (worthless) so apathetic violent fun stupid rap music saves me daily. all right cunts

      1. I like this page,I think that alot of White Rappers are still not on the Radar,ya’ll need to check out Classified from Canada,FIYA!!!,also scope Rittz and Yelawolf,and I will be sure to check some of these others out,and scope my youtube Page Freestylin since I was 8,enjoy,feedback PLZ,take care brotha and keep up the good work,White rappers stand up!!!!!

  20. lots of rappers missing on the list

    1st. i dont think all these dudes are better than em…

    2nd. chief from detroit should be on here,

    3rd ra the rugged man should be on here for sure too

    4th plz check out my website, im a white rapper

    new music up soon, all the shit up their is from 2007 and under

  21. Atmosphere is a group, slug is the rapper and he is only half-white.

    Grieves is amazing rapper that happens to be white, his rhymes are not the most complex but he makes incredible songs. Astronautalis is also pretty amazing, though only some of his stuff is rap.

    Lyrically, RA the Rugged Man is hard to touch

  22. First, three underground white rappers that should be included in this list are Apathy, Lil Wyte, and Cage (even though Cage has seemed to currently cross over to a more rock/rap fusion genre). They are all on par with the above mentioned rappers. All of them are good rappers, but each has their own individual draw back that keeps them from worldwide acclaim. I’m fan of Apathy and Aesop Rock, but there are times where I hit a wall with them and there music bores me a little.

    Second, it is definitely important to recognize white rappers because it is area where the race roles are reversed for whites. Do you know how hard it is for a white rapper to break into the music scene? Caucasians make up the largest base of hip hop consumers, but are also one of the largest minorities of hip hop artists. Recognition needs to be acknowledged.

    Third, not one of the above mentioned rappers is anywhere near the realm of Eminem. Everyone likes to hate on him because he’s had pop success. Its almost as if people feel that if you have money or success in music, that you’ve sold out. I guarantee that if you offer any one of those above rappers the money that Em pulls in, every single one of them would abandon their “staying true to the game/ higher self-intellect” reputation and “sell out” in a heart beat. The reason they remain “educated” rappers is because the money isn’t being offered to them because they aren’t good enough. Asher Roth, is no better or worse than any of the above mentioned white rappers in your article. He also shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Eminem. Roth just got the right break. I’m not trying to be pro-Eminem, I love all hip-hop, but it just makes me crazy when people try to discredit someones greatness. Eminem is the king of white rap. Point blank. Eminem would’ve made it whether Dr. Dre found him or not, because someone else would’ve found him if Dre didn’t. Eminem has dominated his era like no other white rapper has dominated theirs. Thats all I have to say. Good article though, I always like to read about new artists. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks for the comment, but I gotta calls BS on the third point. Listen to Can-U’s mixtape, the download link is right there. Listen to RA Scion. Dudes have absolutely mad skills, totally on par with Eminem. I won’t deny Em’s wordplay, his delivery, his production, etc., but what the fuck is the point of his music? Most of it’s whining about his family, about other people not accepting him, or lately, drugs. He killed the verse on Forever. The last verse I heard from him on that Lil’ Wayne track was average. Point is, he’s got his pros and his cons, his ups and downs, but he’s not one-of-a-kind in terms of pure talent. And the difference with a guy like Can-U, for example, is that he has something ground-breaking and creative to say. You don’t know him, you don’t have a clue if he’d sell out on a higher level. I really doubt it.

      1. dude shut the fuck up u my dumb as sir are a fucking retard emeinem is way better than any body far none

  23. A, I just checked out RA Scion, Can-U, and Napalm. Let me start with Napalm because I have nothing positive to say about him. He blows. I’m sorry. I hate to be condescending, but Napalm just sounds like any old white dude trying to rap. Just because you go out and buy recording/mixing equipment, it doesn’t mean that you can rap. Whoever posted about checking out Napalm is either a friend or family member of his, or its actually him in disguise. Napalm, I’m sorry but its time to go back to the drawing board… and lose the pink belt.

    Ok, now that I got that out of the way, I can talk about the other two guys that actually do have talent. RA and Can-U are pretty good, but not on par with Eminem. Again, I hate constantly using Eminem as a comparison because it makes me sound like groupie or I’m pro-Eminem. But there’s really no other current upper-echelon white rappers out there today. But anyway, I have one major beef with Can-U, and two beefs with RA. Both of these cats can rap, but as you said about Eminem… what are they really talking about? They both try to rap about this metaphysical mumbo jumbo BS. They are missing one of the most important aspects of rapping, and making music as a whole… the ability to relate to the audience. You asked what is Eminem talking about… well he is relating to white suburban kids, teens, 20-something-year-olds, etc. Which are exactly who are buying his albums. Taking E & pain killers, hating your parents, growing up in a single family/broken homes, and not feeling accepted is absolutely relative to white suburban youth. Like it or not, that’s what white kids do and/or experience while growing up. I did. Most of my friends did. Now I absolutely agree with you that Eminem’s last album was terrible. His verse in Forever was sick, but other than that and maybe the song Warning, he’s pretty much bombed as of late.

    Last is my 2nd beef with RA. People forget that hiphop is not just about rapping, its a way of life and a style. RA will never be accepted in the same light as Eminem because he has no hiphop style. He’s got good word flow, but come on with the beard. He looks like a Hasidic Jew. I’m not being anti-Semitic, I’m saying that he literally looks like he’s Hasidic. And the glasses… oh God the glasses. I know MC Search wore classes too, but that was the 80’s. This guy just looks ridiculous. You can try to dispute that hiphop style isn’t important, but before you do, name me any great rapper that didn’t have style. I mean he looks like a bum. Sorry Ansel, I don’t mean to go the materialistic route, but its true. Hiphop is more than just spittin words. Those guys are good, but they’re not on par with Eminem. Thats just my feelings on it. Thanks for the quick reply.

  24. One other thing, on a different topic… what the hell happened to Cage? His first two albums are hiphop and then his new one switches to rock. Wht’d the guy just give up? I actually like Cage, but he did bite off of Eminem’s style in one of his lines in the song “Shoot Frank”.

  25. Yea how did no one mention cage on here? Although he had beef wit em and I’m a die hard em fan, the dude amazingly talented. Just the stories he tells in his song and the way he describes things are amazing. His more recent stuff is more just slow poetry over weird beats but listen to hells winter songs like grand ol party crash or stripes, too heavy for cherubs and shoot frank. The dude had a really fucked up life and ull learn that from listening to him. Also movies for the blind was great to but was more of a concept album. Deffently one of the best white rappers and very underrated

  26. How the hell is poverty not on this list???????????

    Everybody needs to know about him.

    Poverty is bar none the realest and most sickest rapper Ive heard that is white.


  27. White rappers better than Eminem

    1)Edan-hip hop dj,writer,producer,graffiti artist and breakdancer

    2)Promoe-Swedish rapper

    3)Jason the Argonaut-from the group Disflex 6


    5)Sabac Red

    I never understand why people think that if a rapper is not mainstream than he sucks and has no money,these underground rappers make great incomes and than they are smart with their money and invest it in things like real estate and end up becoming millionaires they might not have 600,000,000 million dollars like Puffy or Eminem or Gay Z,but they make enough to not sell out(how many millionaires do you know?),also the underground scene is very big in other countries where the Euro is used and that is worth more than the US dollar and these guys have big followings in these places.Rappers that become mainstream seem to have no financial knowledge so they get taken by record companies and before you know it they are selling out like crazy to get money,EX.Vanilla Ice,Tribe Called Quest,TLC,Mc Hammer etc..
    Funny thing about Eminem is that he does not consider himself a rapper he says he is a businessman,Robert Kyosaki and Donald Trump held a seminar here in Atl and guess who was there as a special guest talking about his big real estate purchases now that Detroit has some of the lowest priced real estate in the country?Thats right Eminem and once again he called himself a businessman.

  28. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about anyone’s post here. I believe that yes, Em is a respectable rapper and more than anything it’s his beats that draw the people in, without the producers he has at his side it wouldn’t be possible. He is popular and most would jump off a bridge if they were told it was cutting edge. This is because the majority of listener’s taste in music (especially rap) is predetermined for them, whether they enjoy hearing it or not, it’s the truth. There are a few artists mentioned on here that I can honestly say I have never heard of. But those who are putting Em on a pedestal are perhaps a bit jaded and haven’t heard all that is out there. Atmosphere is probably one of my favorite artists. There are so many more that hold ground with me….Brother Ali, Jedi Mind Tricks, Apathy, Fort Minor,CunninLynguists, Swollen Members, Hieroglyphics, Lupe Fiasco,Buck 65, Even Sage Francis and Dialated Peoples. Most of these groups have a lot to say and the lyrics are predominately relatable.
    That being said the music industry is focused on what is marketable, if people can sing along, get a song stuck in their head, have the urge to move their body to the beat, and most importantly…purchase the album, this is what “sells”. There are those few who are just if not more talented that refuse to give into the hype and that is half their message sometimes. I appreciate and respect those who are standing outside the box and don’t bother asking you to stand with them. Like it or not- bottom line. Individuality and originality is what sells for me, not if my buddy likes it.

    1. All of your posts are interesting, but I think I might catch the interest of most of you…… I am a new and upcoming rapper out of Chicago, I go by SucCeSs….. CHECK ME OUT AT MYSPACE.COM/WGMLABEL. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT. “IM NOT A RAPPER” MIXTAPE DROP MAY 2010 NATIONWIDE.

  29. Every one of these guys is absolutely WACK and will never make it!, never-EVER!. Worst of all they don’t even know they are white. One guy is raping about slaves and how messed up this country is to black people, maybe that’s true, but that is not your cause, if that is the only representation of you, then you will crush and burn. Another guy is rapping about brothers breaking bread with each other….how pretentous is that?…grow up! Another is starting with a Langston Hughes line, and you love that?….are you kidding me…..MIS-representation from the get-go, fake as fuck. Look…maybe some of these cats can flow and maybe with better lyrics could make a lasting impression on someone.

    But as is- these guys are the reason why white rappers get a bad RAP (no pun intended), why it’s taboo for a white guy to pick up the mic, even though 80% of rap listeners are white!

    Forget about Asher, the kid’s got potential and whatever, but honestly he’s weak, I’m glad for his success and shit but let’s not compare him to Eminem.

    Conclusion….Since Eminem came out 12 years ago, no one black or white has been able to touch him, not even close….its a one man race ladies and gents. The combination of Flow, style, and lyrical genious is untouchable, not to mention a little bit of crazy added to the mix seems to be an unbeatable combination. Even with two Trash albums he is by far the best.”women lie, men lie, numbers dont…haha”

  30. You forgot the greatest non-black rapper ever, Mike Shinoda. Listen to the album “The Rising Tied” and you will never look at rap the same.

  31. I think all these guys are all dope.. Race or color has nothing to do with anything, isn’t music about connecting and finding something you can relate to? In my opinion eminem is lyrical genius, yeah maybe he has some stupid mainstream bullshit but he does have make money and i’m pretty sure all this stupid fake mainstream shit sells a lot better than anything underground. I like a lot of rappers, aesop, grieves, sage francis, E&A, immortal technique, Atmosphere.

  32. Personally, next to Brother Ali I don’t dig anyone else up there. I can’t lie, nobody makes music I enjoy better than Eminem. I have always believed that discussing who is better lyrically is always a waste of time. It’s like trying to change your friends mind about a movie. But I will happily chime in on why I think Em has become the main man in rap.

    It’s easy really. Eminem does one thing better then everyone one else in the history of rap music, with maybe the exception of Pac. He makes songs. Now, don’t get me wrong. There isn’t another rapper that drops my jaw like em does, personally. I don’t care about pseudo-political, change the world because I’m more socially aware than you are music. I do feel that those types of songs can be amazing. However, if thats your calling card, be gone. That is my main problem with alot of underground. Is that they take themselves to seriously.

    Em has made a career out of making people care about what he has to say. He writes songs that people care about. He represents himself to a demo and uses it to his advantage. It’s a shame people call that “selling out” as well as terrible music. He has done what needs to be done to provide his music to the masses, which should be every artists goal. To touch as many as possible with your music. He has found a niche with his vulgarity, violence and anger, which then allowed him to show compassion, insight and love. Much like Grisham did, or King, or…..the Beatles. He has given a window look into his mind that should at the very least be appreciated. That is rare, for anyone.

    The truth is, rapping is a small part of what people should be looking for in their music. If flow is all that interests you, ok. I, however, want it all. You can flow all day, but that won’t put you on repeat on my ipod. Alot of people are on the Jay Z hate train lately. His new music is far from where he blew up, which was far from where he started. But like Em, Jay Z, in my opinion, is finally finding out how to write a real song. Some of his best songs ever are off his latest attempt. To limit hip hop to rapping is to limit basketball to dunking. There is alot more to it. For me, that is where Em has always blasted the business away. His presentation, his creativity, his balls. He is a business man, who is an MC. He did everything right.

    1. Except flow and rapping is precisely what most people praise Eminem for (see other comments on this thread), not the content of his rhymes. In his new single he calls Relapse “eh.” He knows and I knows it was a crap album when it came out, when I wrote this – the only special things it had going for it were the flow and the shock value of the lyrics. I agree with you that lately his music’s been a bit better…

  33. Thanks for the list Ansel, and the contributions above. But for the record, Brother Ali doesn’t self-identify as white. Born albino to white parents, he says he was ostercized by white kids as a child for being albino, and so had an experience of being the racialized ‘other’. His track Daylight deals with some of his thoughts on race and particularly as it relates to underground hip-hop where he laments the fact that he finds fans who only felt comfortable getting into hip-hop after white people start performing at underground shows.

    “They ask me if I’m black or white, I’m neither,
    Race is a made up thing, I don’t believe in it,
    My genes tie me to those that despise me,
    Made a livin’ killing the ones that inspired me,
    I ain’t just talking about singing and dancing
    I was taught life and manhood by black men
    So I’m a product of that understanding
    And a small part of me feels like I am them
    Does that make me a liar maybe
    but I don’t want the white folks that praise me to think they can claim me
    ‘Cause you didn’t make me
    You don’t appreciate what I know to be great yet you relate to me
    and that frustrates me and what can I say
    ’cause I know that I benefit from something I hate
    But make no mistake our connection ain’t fake
    It’s never too late to clear off the slate
    You follow my tape then you know What I’m about
    If something comes up then it must come out.”

    Check out his wikipedia page for more, there’s a whole section on Albinism and Race.


    1. To the idiot that said “em couldn’t do it without his producers” The man came up from the gutter and spent all of his life doing freestyles.. “His producers” don’t play any part in freestyles.. Will you go read a book?

  34. alright….
    I don’t think the author of this post is a very experienced Hip Hop listener…. at least, I hope not, because otherwise, they just have bad taste…

    alright, you(pardon me for switching pronouns) have to understand what rapping is about. It’s not about content. It’s about style and technique. Eminem is praised because he has both of these. He has very strong and often innovative flow(lyrical rhythms),he is one of the most skilled rhymers(he rhymes virtually everything),he has strong unique delivery, and he is one of the best lyricists.
    another think is , he’s not pretentious. He says what he wants, no matter how offensive, and then turns around and shows you that he really knows what he’s talking about.
    Most of the rappers you posted had mediocre technique and quite frankly, bad style.

    1. Ignore everything in the post and declare your taste is better than mine. That’s productive.

      Lol @ “it’s not about content.” I might start holding in moderation comments that make this same point, about Em’s stylistic talents, over and over…

      I will give you this: Recovery is a far, far better album than Relapse. A few tracks I’ve had on repeat this past week. It has meaning. But a lot of my critique still stands – Em himself basically says his last album sucked in two songs.

      1. What who are these tards? CHRIS WEBBY IS THE best. Hands down he is THE new eminem. He just havent been in the spotlight long enough yet. Mac miller kills too.

  35. i hate the title of this. ther not bettr. roth only has one good song so dont care bout him but eminem is amazing, his rapping flo is unstopable and his new album recovery beats all. point is eminem is best wite rappr alive and one of the best rappers alive

  36. Two completely different ends of the spectrum. These guys are good, nothing like em. Right now Roth is a fad. We’ll see if he matures but, you honestly can’t put these guys in the same realm as Marshall Mathers. That’s all there is to it. He’s the best.

  37. I really get tried of people hatein on asher when most have never heard his green house effect mixtape listen to it.

  38. Asher is a joke, and every guy listed on here is 1000x better than him. Eminem was a straight beast from 95-01, but started falling off since Encore. I personally hated Recovery, save for a few songs. I want Slim back, but at the same time that dude is goin on 40 with a teenage daughter, so I dont think Shady will be back any time soon. Maybe when he reaches his midlife crisis and doesnt give a fuck again.

  39. yo these are pretty good. favorite is still eminem.

    EVERYBODY SHOULD LISTEN TO MACKLEMORE!!!! he is by far the best underrated rapper out

  40. Agree with lucas…LISTEN TO MACKLEMORE, good Pacific NW hip-hop.
    just about every track

    also, here is a Cradle Orchestra Remix of Move.Meant’s “Myself in You”

  41. Okay so your really stupid, Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time, this is indisputable. Even though these guys are good your wrong.

    1. you HAVE to be white to think that. do you really think emenim compares to someone like 2pac? seriously? anyways, emenim is a corny overrated pop rapper with a high pitched b**ch voice that has had the success hes had because of being white. thats a FACT and he even says so himself on his song “white america”. look at footage from any of his concerts and you will see nothing but a sea of white faces because thats what he appeals to.i admit that his early stuff is good, but he HAS NOT spit fire since “the emenim show”. even his fans have to admit that. every decade or so, new pop stars, rappers ect come out and replace the old ones-thats just the way it is. there is always gonna be that new “hot” artist and right now, its Lil Wayne and i see how emenim fans are always talking crap about him because right now, hes in the spot that em was in 10 years ago! in 10 years, it will be someone else. em has solidified his staus as a legendary rapper, but his days of being “top dog” are over. hes almost 40 years old and his new stuff is WEAK.

  42. Eminem is one of the illest rappers out there. I won’t say best, because I fucking hate that expression. There is no such thing as the best rapper. Asher Roth is different than most rappers and he raps about different thing. I may not like him, but I respect him coz he doing his own thing.

    Some of the rappers you mentioned might be near Eminem’s level. But, none even touch him. Face it: Recovery is dope even though some people claim he sold out. Relapse would have been one of his most lyrical albums if he hadn’t included the stupid ass accents. Encore was his weaker effort, but that still shits on most rap today.

  43. Damnn these might be the best white rappers ,but HOLD ON EMINEM and Asher Roth(notice how i put huge letters on EM and only one on Roth) Because thats how it is Eminem is one of the best even better than most black rappers and Asher roth…CASE CLOSED!!!!!

  44. I don’t think you’re giving Eminem enough props, but sure all these rappers are dope. I knew about half, and I wouldn’t put any of them blatantly above Eminem in his prime, but now? Yeah.

  45. Listen to Matlock, I think he is better then Eminem

    Matlock – Brand new nikes
    Matlock – Dear Abbey
    Matlock – Moonshine

  46. I love Eminem! I like Asher Roth. Sorta like Sammy Adams. Found a couple a under grounders that are pretty good. DZK and Nameluss. I will check out Macklemore.



  48. hmm well I think Eminem Is bad ass! And Ausher is pretty bad ass to so I think you just need to find someone one else to talk shit about (: haha cuz white rappers honestly sound better (:

  49. Eminem? FELL OFF Asher Roth? isnt he Jewish? his music is not all that

    check out MAC MILLER he is taking it for the white boys!

  50. Eminem is the best emcee period! Not just the best white one! Other dope white emcee’s = Asher Roth, DZK, Mac Miller, YellaWolf, Nameluss, Beyond Belief, R.A. The rugged man, Furious, and I’m drawing a blank now…………… Anyway Em is the best! These dudes are good too

  51. Uh… this isnt it… Like Mac Miller, Sam Adams, Hoodie Allen, Chris Webby… those are real rappers. these guys are R&B shit…

  52. This pisarro pirate cat is white 2. His shit is dope @ first i thought he was spanish cuz of his rapper name sounded it. Looked around in comments on tube and the net turns out he white 2 lol. It’s real graffiti type underground spit shit i liked it.I wrote his myspace email & he wrote back i quit rapping i fuckin hate it, this guy makes no sense to me not sure if it was him who wrote me back.

  53. First off, Asher Roth is terrible.

    Can-U straight puts me to sleep. Fuck that shit.

    Ali is better than Asher Roth, who is terrible, but Eminem in his prime? Fuck no.

    Inverse is good, but they lack the lyrical prestige and intricacy that Eminem had on The Slim Shady LP, The Eminem Show or even Relapse. “Lose Yourself” is perfect in every technical aspect of hip hop, and Inverse is good in all aspects, but not great. They have some chill ass music though.

    RA Scion is great and is better than Eminem right now. He is losing on mic presence though. None of his albums match up to The Eminem Show, in my opinion. I can’t help but think that Sabzi doesn’t “try” on the production when he’s with Scion, because Blue Scholar’s instrumentals shit all over Common Market’s.

    Braille and Move.meant aren’t even close to stacking up to Ali, Scion & Inverse, much less Eminem.

    If you want white rappers better than Eminem right now, look up Atmosphere, Copywrite, Bekay, Diabolic, Possessed, Lowkey, Sadistik, Spoonfull, Soul Khan, Wax. These dudes > *

    P.S. Everyone in the comments section get the fuck out of here with that Mac Miller/Chris Webby shit. I haven’t seen a more average pair of rappers.

  54. No rapper you listed comes close to Eminem especially after what Eminem just did on his last album..You never mentioned this white rapper who hands down could of went down as one of the greatest MC ever..Nas said it, Benzino said, Diddy said it, Lighty said it,Maino said it,Wutang said it….JOJO Pellegrino!!!Dont believe me go look up flawless on youtube

  55. Mac Miller, and bRedds are some good white rappers.

    bRedds is so new he only has a few listeners like 200 at max.
    He is gonna collaborate with a group called W.o.R.d

    Check him out on YouTube bRedds / sdopert

    1. i agree with you atleast these three have potential! mac miller is already big and sam adams is all over youtube! dP is performing live in New York City and is upcoming fast

  56. i thank you whoever you are for the introduction and the rappers on this blog post. i wish more people read what u wrote here, ill post this on facebook 🙂

    PS: Aminds, please fix bug. When we press Submist comment without filling in a required field, it resets the entire message written. please make it so that the link on Submit comment wont advance unless the field is filled in, so that we wont have to restart the entire message that was written.

  57. why is it that this list has guys that are not that great of rappers who are rapping about the same thing as black rappers when guys like mac miller and chris webby are paving a new genre of suburban hip hop and they are not even on here? I’m very white and grew up in the suburbs and when i listen to wiz khalifa and lil wayne, there is no way i can relate but i can relate to broke ass college kid from the burbs.

  58. Apathy is prolly the best white rapper out there. Yeah he is not as underground as he used to be but he is not mainstream. he is known enough that the true rap fans know him from everywhere, but not TOO well known that everyone knows him. Check him out with DemiGodz, Get Busy Committee, and Celph Titled.

  59. Why even write a something like this? You’re right you shouldn’t have done it. First of all its stupid to look at it from a race perspective– if you’re dope you’re dope its that simple. Second putting asher roth and eminem in the same category is another retarded thing to do. If you listen to eminem first album. Its lyrical themes, style, delivery are completely unique. At that time nobody was doing anything remotely similar. So his music has changed and the themes have become more commercial. Its because he’s almost forty and evolved– naturally the themes and content have mellowed out. Third the stuff you put up all sounds the same.

    1. dude yeah right, these two kids are so predicable, i could fucking recite what they were going to say before they said it, please stick steel rods into your eardrums so you cant listen to music anymore so no one has to over hear this ridiculous garbage.

  60. getting respect as a white rapper is not easy, but you can earn it by doing what you do and not worrying about anything. the greatest rappers, or artists for that matter, are fearless individuals who do whatever they feel. eminem is a legend, not because he’s white, but because no fan of lyrics can listen to eminem (especially early eminem) and deny that he has unbelievable talent. so did BIG, so did 2pac, and snoop, nas, jay-z, the list goes on and on. Most of those guys are black… why? The beastie boys are one of the pioneers of rap, your talking mid-80’s. But for some reason there was a huge lull between them and eminem. Why? Vanilla Ice. He came out and lied about where he was from and made an entire race of kids who were trying to rap look bad. and then white rappers got all self-concious and scared. Then eminem came out. And now most white rappers sound like him. be yourself, drop dope lyrics, don’t be scared, and you’ll get respect. It won’t be respect cuz your white, it’ll be respect because you have talent.

  61. These Artists and Groups are not even in the same catagory as Eminem & Asher Roth. Hence why most of em are still under ground, except maybe Brother Ali. You need a course in Hip Hop 101 son!

  62. Everybody here that thinks other unknown to 75% of America Is an asshole
    Eminem is the greatest rapper to ever be born everyone else can suck a dick take a belt or a neck tie to hang themselves by or just go fuck themselves and just die and eat shot while you’re at it
    And that was a line from eminem bitches


  64. eminem is WAY better than any of these guys, and how could you not include ANY of The Beastie Boys OR Lonely Island??? What about Pitbull? Yelawolf? You suck!

  65. Well I read sum good shit,me personally i like em he’s a good rapper,I respect his cuz he made it.My name is young loochie im gunna be tha next best white rapper coming out of tha u.s.a,im from St.pete florida i just started rappin 8 months ago n im already raw lyricly,im makin hits,I rap bout shit ive been through im 21years old I have a down south style n swag and anybody thats hurd my music has felt it n loved it.Ive been thru sum real life shit n i gotta story to tell,dont kno when ima blow but i kno ima gunna.Ima start postin my music on utube soon youll hear bout me.I got tha upmost respect for any white rapper doin his thang dawg just keep dat shit real.

  66. Slug from Atmosphere is another white rapper you should check out. His lyrics are really smooth and his beats are just sick. I just saw him at lollapalooza where he performed literally 15 minutes before Eminem and while he didn’t steal the show the same way em did, it was still one of the best hip hop performances of the festival.

  67. you got some serious issues… and talkin all this racism shit.. its people like you that keep racial tension alive.. and i agree asher roth sucks.. But Eminem is the best in the game… ask jay z or the game… try to get them in your interviews..

  68. honestly, i could not make it past 20 seconds or either of these videos. they all suck but i must admit some of the beats were good. plus eminem would destroy them
    p.s. Ansel Herz you are dumb for thinking these people are better than em

  69. None of these people sound better than Eminem in his prime to me. Sorry. I’ll put the Fuck the World freestyle over all this. Commercial or not he got my attention faster. And Infinite was so ill. Beyond that it’s taste. As far as Asher Roth goes yeah these rappers are more impressive but Asher Roth is just mediocre to me. Dissect Em’s entire style from his flow to his multi’s to his humor (old Em that is); he had a monster of a style. I still haven’t heard it topped. Just saying.


  71. Its funny that I’ve seen comments saying eminem doesn’t have meaningful songs. As in he doesn’t exactly rap about what’s going on in the world, and whatever else was said. I have a.d.d. so I can’t remember haha. I know this is an old discussion but now its funny as hell. I think the shady 2.0 BET cypher woke a lot of people up that downed eminem. He brought the real slim shady back. He was gone for a while, but he’s back with that shit. And yes, I am white. But I stopped listening to eminem when he released the eminem show. Didn’t start listening to him again til him and royce dropped bad meets evil and the cypher. I’m sure a few rappers quit their career the night that shit aired. Isn’t hip hop about being creative, being yourself, and having a good flow? Well he has all that. As for asher, fuck him. Wtf is he doing anyways? Instead of commenting about a white rapper that has sold more albums than any of those rappers that were named here, has a very successful record label, and has a better flow than most modern rappers, bitch about somebody like wayne. Who says the same shit in every one of his songs, who’s ego is so big he says young money and his name more than anything. You guys are just stupid! Slaughterhouse, yelawolf, and eminem have the game on lock ever since the cypher. All ill say.

  72. I’m not going to dive off on a rant, just want to list some cats:

    1. Action Bronson
    2. Yelawolf
    3. Rittz
    4. MGK/Rich Hil/Mac Miller (Together they make 1 decent rapper)
    5. The Grouch (Seriously??? He didn’t make the cut?)
    6. Cage
    7. Jams F Kennedy (Brother Reade).

    RA Rugged Man (Definitely can’t leave him out, but I get that this is current)

    Come on fam!!!! Do some research!!!

    1. Hey,
      Don’t forget Benefit, Slug, Apathy,
      but for the most part, how is this website comparing Eminem
      to most of these rappers??? Not even the same ballpark, old em, and I mean Infinit, is not even the same word pattern or flow,
      I think Epok has most of them up there, RA Rugged man
      and Royce Da 59 is the only people able to touch em lyrically,
      not saying they are better, but very consistant.

      Any disagreements, thats ok, this is the internet and I won’t
      even check this again most likely, after seeing the best 7 list,
      I feel like I shouldn’t have smoked before reading this because
      it was a buzz killer…

  73. To the writer of the article:

    Firstly I just want to point out that I have been listening to hip hop since 1993. And I have listened to enough artists to form my own opinion.

    I get what you are saying. but something you need to recognize about hip hop is that I think its a very very liberal art form.

    Look in Hip Hop , if your shit is wack its wack … that’s it!!!! So i just gotta pull your card on Eminem. But firstly I have to say that Im not a Big fan of his music ….( I really don’t like his delivery , same problem i have with Talib -kweli) But both these guys are the sort of MCs you just CANNOT ignore.

    Both these guys had HUGE, MASSIVE underground following and you know the underground is really just about content and nothing else. So I think Eminem really has his own place in hip hip….

    To be honest I have not heard much from Roth…. But I cant picture him defending himself in beef and that just gives him the *soft* label. …..

    ….P.s , by the way my Beef test is to picture an MC against 15 year old SHAHEYM [from the 90s..Wu-tang]

  74. Other rappers whom are miles ahead of Eminem lyrically include:

    Most notable for his work with DJ Abilities, Eyedea was known as a sick freestyler, battler, and
    all around artist. This cat could spit! Unfortately, after completely dominating rap battles from age 16-19,
    as well as making some of the most
    original hip hop later in his life, his time got tragically cut short a few years back at the age of 28.
    His stage presence speak for himself, so check it out.

    “Wake Up Show Freestyle”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40MA0pl7Oa0
    “Eyedea vs R.K”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_qMbzfF31k
    “Exhausted Love”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66HUSPUz7ZQ
    “Star Destroyer”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb-tKKOiVtw

    J.U.I.C.E. (Known for beating Em in a battle back in the day. Also a nasty good freestyler)
    “Key To The City”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHUfDZjpzCg
    “Late Night Hype Freestyle(Jaybee briefly, then Eyedea, then J.U.I.C.E.”) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhMniw-8-e4

    K-Rino: This southern hip hop legend of the underground earned legendary status for a reason.
    Even though he’s virtually unheard of outside of Houston,
    this cat’s been in the game for well over 20 years, releasing around 24-28 albums.
    All of which are amazing. Check his stuff out.

    “Spiral Vortex”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IIgmIxFeag
    “The Sorcerrer’s Den”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhMniw-8-e4
    “Duality”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXB8EQpafEo
    “Oblivion Scroll”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmHecnnpDH0
    “Ultimate Flow”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-u82MbMgng

    lyrcally one of the best, as well as among the most complex. this cat can spit some original,
    fresh, and intelligent lyrics. Probably the only cat in hip hop who comes anywhere near
    Aesop Rock lyrically. check his stuff out

    “Celestial Clockwork”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO0C_bcthUY
    “Lesson In Love”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmYn_YZhnwk
    “Day to Day”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8fEFSdoCXE
    “Me Vs Myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94OKdfr6_pY&feature=related

    Aesop Rock
    If your at all impressed by Em’s lyricaly content, this guy will likey blow your mind every line. He’s just that good.
    His typical style is to spit abstract metaphore after abstract metaphor, with a few obscure pop culture references
    here and there, all of which ultimatel paint an impressively complex image. This cat isn’t for the simpleminded,
    nor is he for the mainstream, but he does spit some fire. Also, I’ve never heard another hip hop artist in
    my life who has lyrics which are so rewarding to decipher and finally understand the meaning of.
    He’s arguable one of the best lyricists not just in Hip Hop, but in music period. At least in my opinion.
    “9-5ers Anthem”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Rkf5H7J-S0
    “Big Bang” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtsVpMJLotI
    “1000 Death’s” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6xAAKw9KHU
    “Daylight” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd_W_x3nclY

    C-Rayz Walz
    One of the illest

    Immortal Technique
    Known for his politically charged hip hop, his lyrics speak for themselves. Best known for “Dance With The Devil”.

    “The 4th Branch”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YHq-SevTcQ
    “Leaving The Past” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjp8yuEBjxs
    “Dance With The Devil”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qggxTtnKTMo

    The Orphanage
    A hip hop group consisting of Illogic, Aesop Rock, Slug, Eyedea, and Blueprint. These cats only made a couple songs with all of them in it, but those tracks are pure lyrical gold. Also they did
    a really sick 55 minute freestyle featuring Sage Francis as well as Felipe Cuatly.
    “Hold Mine” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ja1Bu_LIxo
    “Obselete” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6rVYaI44PQ

    This guy isn’t very mainstream friendly. Check out why:
    “Agent Orange” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctaSSbhe6iM
    “Left It To Us Ft The Weathermen”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=511uWfrDcvk

    Sage Francis
    When it comes to wordplay, this guy is the champ. Also known as a sick battler, Sage Francis is quite notable
    for a number of reasons. Check him out.
    “Xaul Zan’s Heart” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV-L1_zf_sA
    “Escape Artist” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXy9yDupu90
    “Sea Lion” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BffumeEaYOI (Featuring Saul Williams, another sick lyricist)

    Binary Star
    Sick Hip Hop duo.
    “KGB ft Elzhi, Malachi, O Type Star, J.U.I.C.E”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw14PQgG54Q
    “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings part II”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVBWy-aYgF4

    Mr. Lif
    “Be Out”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU2d4b8LmNA
    “Because They Made It That Way” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vqfaouI9Ak
    “Night Train Freestyle”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq92kbJf40w

    “Learn From The Druid”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqO3NC2KSAI

    Other fantastic lyricists include Slug of Atmosphere, El-P of Company Flow, Doseone, Busdriver, Apathy, & Living Legends

  75. What about B Dolan??? Or Sage Francis?? Sage actually won at the Scribble Jam. For battling he is one of the best. For political rap he is one of the best. For mainstream, over-produced, commercial shit, he sucks. But the man definitely got flow and MAD SKILLZ. Give him a shot. Also Yelawolf

  76. R.A the Rugged Man is not just the best white
    rapper but one of the greatest of all time. He
    should be on this list and any other rap list.

  77. Of course white people should be involved in hip hop – music should be colourblind as far as I’m concerned what does the colour of your skin have to do with the music you make other than people sterotyping what you will like/be good at – and that shits just ignorant.

  78. Your dillisional the list of people you’ve listed as supposedly better as eminem for that to have any resemblance as truth, they would have to have (world) stature. That would imply that they would have recognition by a majority wherever they went in the world not as it would appear limited to America,where Americans think they are the bees knees and there farts are gold dust. You started your column with a list of your supposed credentials, here’s a big wake up call and please listen go and get a paper route which seams to be more suited to your actual abilities, you come across as delusional as your comments,which is typical of you Americans you have an opinion about something and that makes you world expert the leading authority, what wind bag. I can guarantee if I asked a poll no one would have heard of the (rappers) you’ve listed least of all be better than eminem.

  79. I don’t want to brag, but I was probably the first white rapper back in 1979 when I was a Freshman at Peekskill High School in New York.

    Known as MC Wonderbread at the time The Sugarhill Gang released Rapper’s Delight — but a few years later, the crowd started shouting for me by MC Tommy O’

    More powerful than po-et, I’m the pro-phet
    With the rhyme I chime, I will show that
    My strength is industrial, I’m not destructable
    With the mic to my mouth my words are combustible…

    The legend lives…

    Right here in Bellingham, Washington now.

    Seriously though, big props to the real deal rappers today. The competition wasn’t nearly as fierce back in ’79

    Peace out!

    MC Wonderbread

  80. whne it comes down to it its the person that the music depends on ya eminem is good he still going bad meets evil album that came out is pretty good n not to crazy on them but icp arnt anywhere close to the best but i like their music cuz its a bit diffrent u know n lil wyte is ok to same with KMK but these r ok its not wether they r populer or top list it matters on wat u think is good not everyone else

  81. Eminem is the best white rapper alive. Yelawolf, Chris Webby, and MGK are next after him. Look up MGK’s new album Lace Up sick as fuck. If you smoke you will love Chris Webby. Yelawolf is just crazy period. Some new guy also trying to shine are Huey Mack, Mike Stud, Jake Miller, and Sammy Adams. Look them up they might be young but they are getting there.

  82. How the hell is it possible that these rappers made your list but Vinnie Paz was exempt??? Jedi Mind Tricks is one of the most culturally conscious rap groups around and not only are their beats impeccable, lyrics representative of hip hop, but the subjects they discuss are extremely important. Unlike, other artists they actually speak for the downtrodden, the oppressed, and the poor. Artists please realize that our greatest duty is to contribute something positive back to society before we depart this world. Forget the money and fame if your a true artist then create art to influence the world in a positive manner.

  83. How did Classified not make the list? He’s straight up one of the best kept secrets in Hip-Hop. If you haven’t heard Classified’s shit, do yourself a favor and check it out. Definitely one of the better white rappers out there and for sure _THE_ best emcee comin outta Canada (yes, Canada.. Don’t get stereotypical, just listen to his music). Look up “Stay Cool” on youtube.

    You’re welcome.

  84. I figure this is as good a place as any to ask my question. About 10 years ago I saw Living Legends at the Fillmore, and standing outside after the show was a white guy selling his albums. I bought two albums off of him, and they had some of the best flows I’ve ever heard. Not gangster, just truth…one of the title songs was something along the lines of “you can’t play that on the radio” or something like that. The cd’s were stolen, and I’ve searched for years trying to track down who this kid was…he was from somewhere in the Bay Area. Does anyone know anything about who this might be? He was sick…

  85. ansel, is that your name? are you even white?? lol man you gotta get into something else bro,,, I don’t think hiphop is for you,, you sound like a dumb-ass who doesn’t know shit about hiphop music or artists at all. you are a shit-stirrer,,lol,,, maybe u should try some punk rock,, , you are making a big deal outta something soooo stupid. I never comment on shit like this but GODDAM you are a fucking idiot for real!!

  86. What the fuck is this discussion for..its clear with awards…sales..and popularity that its all about eminem
    …..Haters can get the fuck outta here and keep crying

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