New web design: Flip Flopping Joy!


I finished assembling a new WordPress theme for brownfemipower’s Flip Flopping Joy! last night. Now it’s live at her site!

I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to design her blog. bfp is a creative, prolific, and eclectic radical woman of color blogger based near Detroit. She’s a key organizer with the Allied Media Conference, which I had a blast attending last year. I’ve learned a lot from her writing, on everything from what “feminism” stands for, to community health, to media justice, to coalition work, to radical movement-making in general…

I tried to create a clean, earthy, and uplifting design that reflected some of the themes of her blog. The header image was made by Tumis for Incite!’s 2004 Sisterfire tour. If you haven’t been reading her, why not start now?

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