It continues

Just took this screenshot from Al Jazeera’s live shot of Gaza. The bombing is continuing. It is intensifying. And this looks like white phosphorous.

This is the first time I’ve seen the bombing of a city live on a screen. It’s one thing to see footage after the fact of injured and dead families.  It’s another to sit and witness the bombing itself as it happens.  To know that innocent people are dying in that moment.  To hear a rooster crowing and morning prayers amidst the booms of falling shells and bombs. I keep cringing and covering my eyes every time there’s another blast, as if I’m shielding myself from something.  It is horrifying, just to watch.

Again, download Livestation (small, clean program) to watch AJE live.  We need media reform justice in this country so that people can watch this channel normally on their televisions.

1 thought on “It continues”

  1. this is just appalling. every single morning I sorta pray to myself, pleeease let it have ended during the night–and it never does. I am just sickened. I think you are TOTALLY right, that media reform involves making ALL of these channels available–even just BCC News would do a world of difference, I think. The coverage is appalling, the biases are appalling…it’s devastating and sickening that this is happening.

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