Notes from New School Occupation

The protest outside was in support of those on the inside – the more than 100 people occupying the cafeteria inside of the Lang Building. The occupiers demands, scrawled in red and pasted on a wall on the side of building, called for the immediate removal of New School President Bob Kerrey. The charges highlighted his role as a CIA operative in Vietnam, anti-democratic management style and support of a Board Member connected to the war-profiteering L3 Communications…

Overall, the occupation was a victory. It was a victory for a particular method of direct action politics which is sorely needed in the US. There will be no Greece in the US anytime soon but the energy and romantic leaps made by university students still hold the possibility for reviving the near-moribund political imagination of the left. Occupy-Refuse-Resist!

From Counterhegemonic, via Dissident Voice.

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