Corporate newspapers’ post-election headlines corrected by anarchists

newspaperImage from Milwaukee Indymedia.

Corporate newspapers just can’t catch a break. They’re laying off reporters left and right, abandoning print, and being read less and less with each passing day. To make matters worse, someone at the USA Today messed up and ran the banner headline, “Capitalism Wins at Polls, Anarchy Brewing in the Streets” on the day after the election in thousands of their newspapers around the country, from Minnesota to Kansas to North Carolina. Circulation was temporarily up yesterday, but this is another dent in newspapers’ credibility.

Not that USA Today, which led the way in substituting infotainment for hard/world news, had any credibility in the first place. Actually, the Unconventional Action network’s “journalism department” hijacked newspaper boxes around the country in an incredible direct action, inserting their own front page onto thousands of papers.

Now, if only the second part of the headline was accurate…

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